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Circle of Protection


A Meditation for Individuals or

in Group Format


This meditation was created approximately 18 years ago when Christine was starting to do group sessions and the process of the visualization is to protect oneself from lower forms of energy not fully in the light during a group encounter.  It was later found that this visualization assists an individual in protecting themselves before going about their day or doing any type of deep meditation, healing, etc.   The power of this meditation will bring forth one's guidance more fully in the present dimensional frequency and help them feel balanced, protected, and focused immediately afterwards. 

One sitting individually should take their left palm upwards in the lap and put their right palm downwards towards the left palm, not touching each other but feeling the energy.

 Those sitting in a group should put their right palm outwards to the person sitting on their right side and the left palm should be facing towards the person sitting on their left.  This helps to unify the groupís energy field.

First ask for a Platinum Net to come down through your four-body sytem (looking like a fishnet) to clear away debris, like pulling weeds out of a garden.  [Ask for this to occur to Gaia to assist her in her healing.]  When you feel the debris is out of your system, ask for Lord Buddha to bring forth the Golden Pink Flame to seal up the holes where the weeds were taken out.  [Again, ask Lord Buddha to assist Gaia.]  Fully breathe this into your heart chakra feeling the energies moving in a counter-clockwise direction moving upwards into the right shoulder, down the right arm, into the right palm sending heart energy to the person on their right (or individually, to oneself).  Feel the energy moving around the circle (or around oneself) and returning into your left palm, up the left arm and shoulder, completing the circle of energy in the heart center.  Take a deep breath and feel the unification of the group.  We now expand our energy above our crown chakras and see trickles of blue light coming down into our circle of love.  These trickles of blue light represent healing to take place for this moment, individually and collectively.  Breathe the blue trickles into the white light inside of you.  Now with your mindís eye, we move up into the heavens above and see streaks of silver cording coming down into the circle.  The streaks of silver cording represent protection coming from the Angelic Forces.  Allow the streaks of silver cording to blend with the trickles of blue light, and the white light inside of you.  Take a deep breath into this energy field.  Now we go further with our mindís eye, beyond this universe into the many universes.  We see an Ascended Master with a pitcher of golden light.  The golden light represents the protection given to us by the God Force and the Universal Christ Consciousness.  Allow this golden light to come into the circle and blend with the trickles of blue light, the streaks of silver cording, and the white light within you.  Breathe into this energy field.  Feel the golden light coming down creating a base-like structure underneath your feet and growing out beyond your auric fields incasing you in a pyramid of golden light.  Inside this pyramid are all your guidance from the Brotherhood of White Light.  On the outside of this pyramid are placed mirrors, these mirrors represent everything in the Light.  Anything else that is not of the Light will be sent to God Force.  On the outside of the pyramid, ask for a beam of the Indigo Ray to encircle the Golden Pyramid.  This ray will detract any additional negative energies from entering your field.

At this time, you may continue into a deeper meditation, sit and reflect on the energies that are coming through you and around you, or state prayers for what you need in this moment.  Be very precise with your intent.  Always pray for yourself first and foremost, and then include others you would like to state prayers for.  Be detailed as much as possible.  Remember "you may just get what you ask for" so it is important to not leave out any details.

When you are finished, take your hands across your chest and allow the vibrations from your hands go through your physical body all the way down your feet and into the ground below.  Send this light to Gaia and assist her in healing the Earth plane.


Lady Meleriessee is a Teacher of the full spectrum of the God Force up through the Cosmic Energies, and working with her in either private or in a group setting will truly assist one to fully access the higher realms necessary for our transition together into ONENESS. As Gaia, Mother Earth, transitions into the New Earth each of us are aspiring to acquiring our fifth dimensional vehicles. Utilizing the Spectrum of Light Ray Mastery will assist in commanding one's pathway of acceleration and balance of Mastership. She works in partnership with Mike Hayden.

Lady Meleriessee

Vibratory Master of Ascension
Teacher ~ Coach ~ Advanced Vibratory Healing Practitioner
Cosmic Messenger of Love & Light

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