The "Love Month" focuses on the HEART CHAKRA!
Enjoy a session with Mother Mary in her role as an Arch-Angel and a Ray Chohan for a special price of $133 per session.  You may also receive a session with Lord Adama at a reduced rate of $133. 

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Synergistic Coaching Services
Balance & Integration
of One's Highest Consciousness

"Beautiful & Free ~ Like a Butterfly"
Our main focus at Divine Language Network is to assist an individual in raising their energy field using the 22 Rays (Spectrum Light Ray Mastery Teachings), thereby releasing blockages within the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.   Our goal is assisting individuals in fully embracing their Divine 5th Dimensional I AM Presence (the Higher Self), thus enhancing one's spiritual gifts to bring about the true balance and joy of
living in the New Earth (Terra Christa).

2012 has brought us into the world of the 5th Dimensional Physical Reality.  This now must be integrated within the Physical Body.  Lady Meleriessee and Mike Hayden assist you in this process by utilizing energetics acquired in the intense initiations required to become 
Master Ascension Guides of Vibratory Communication.

Using their expertise you can fully realize the full I AM presence and your Higher Self within.  Integration at this time comes from the harmonics of the Universe as they have learned to tap into the frequency that is imparted from the Spiritual Hierarchy.  Both work as communicators of the frequencies via voice communication, channeling, and energies.  Meleriessee is also highly skilled in shamanic healing work and Mike also works with shamanic elements.  Any session may include one or all of these aspects in helping a client to receive the necessary balance that is required.

These Master Teachers bring forth the ability to channel consciously the energetics of the God Force including the 144th dimensional realities.  This includes the Cosmic Source of Oneness / Spiritual Hierarchy / Unified Whole (including Ascended Masters and Angelic Realms, Light Beings of the Inner Earth and Inter-Galactic races as well as the Ancestors and Teachers in the Shamanic Worlds).  Meleriessee brings forth her experience of over 25 years as a healer and visionary learning how to “talk while walking the path”.  Mike imbues over a decade of in-depth knowledge and wisdom in the metaphysical and holistic realms, as well as 25 years of full grounding in the 3rd Dimensional world as a businessman and former management consultant.  Truth, Knowledge, Wisdom, and Divine Love are the prerequisites of Walking Terra Christa.  Allowing Christine Meleriessee and Mike to show you the way as they share their own experience and knowledge includes accessing many levels of creation to assist you in the process.  It is a powerful combination.

Sessions are via telephone or Skype.  If you are in Mt. Shasta, CA (USA), they can be in-person.  Appointments are required and are usually scheduled timely. (Note: Appointments are not normally scheduled with less than 48 hour notice but may be on occasion).  Duration is usually about one hour for a complete initiation of the energies but 30 minute sessions can be requested. Some specific sessions below require an hour.

Attunement Activations May Include:

Unified Whole 5th Dimension Activation ~ A Specialized Activation to initiate yourself into the 5th Dimension while continuing your 3rd Dimensional responsibilities.

Diamond Heart Therapy ~ Activating One’s I AM Presence in the Physical Body

Feminine Divine Integrations Guided by the Lady Masters ~ For those who desire more joy and ease within their lifestyles. (For both male and female initiates.)

Specialized Channelings May Include:

Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother & Father God – Speak with the essence of Divinity to assist your personal and professional pathway highlighted with the Will and Heart of God.

Lord Adama – Learning about your role in Lemuria, Telos, and the New Earth

Lord Melchizedek – Assisting Lightworkers in being attuned to the Melchizedek Priesthood

Great Divine Director – Clearing Away Karmic Debris while working with the Karmic Board

St. Germain – Helping an initiate to understand their pathway especially with the Rays of God

Lady Isis – Assisting with Feminine Divine Integrations

Lord Osirus – Assisting with Masculine Divine Integrations

Ascended Master Djwhal Khul – Specializes in soul psychology issues.  (Master Khul also assists with “Ray Readings” - see the Ray Readings Tab).

Pick Your Favorite Ascended Being  – If you are already working with, or know of a Master from any tradition that you would like to work with, specialize Ascended Master sessions can be arranged.

Specialized Coaching Sessions are also available for Inner Child Therapy, Grief Counseling, and/or just talking with a compassionate soul who has traveled this pathway for many years themselves and who fully understands the process.

These are just but a few examples of the types of sessions that an individual can experience.  You may ask for assistance through Meleriessee or Mike first, and they can help you get an idea of where you might need to go using Spiritual Guidance.

All sessions are priced at a nominal fee scale for those of modest means:
30 min $88 
60 min $150
except the Cosmic Great Central Sun (Cosmic GCS):

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Coaching Services
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For those who are of abundant financial means we ask you to enter an appropriately higher payment level that reflects your financial status.  Our posted fees above are intended to allow individuals of modest income to afford our services.
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Lady Meleriessee is a Teacher of the full spectrum of the God Force up through the Cosmic Energies, and working with her in either private or in a group setting will truly assist one to fully access the higher realms necessary for our transition together into ONENESS. As Gaia, Mother Earth, transitions into the New Earth each of us are aspiring to acquiring our fifth dimensional vehicles. Utilizing the Spectrum of Light Ray Mastery will assist in commanding one's pathway of acceleration and balance of Mastership. She works in partnership with Mike Hayden.

Lady Meleriessee

Vibratory Master of Ascension
Teacher ~ Coach ~ Advanced Vibratory Healing Practitioner
Cosmic Messenger of Love & Light

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