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How Did Christine Thum-DeFebo Become

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah?

     Christine was born to parents Mollie and Art Thum in Southern New Jersey as the fourth child of five as Christine Thum.  She was a very gifted child and liked to have her hands in the earth.  She grew up in a residential setting on a lake so she swam every day and ice skated in the winter.  She spent much time alone as there was an age distance with the older sisters.  Thus she learned how to be in the silence of her thoughts and amongst the nature spirits.

     At the age of 19 her grandmother, Mae Thum, passed away and she became a direct link to the Spirit World for Christine. It was during this time that she started having dreams of family members and telling them about it, and then the event would occur. So she was labeled with what many people comment about psychic young people, and she kept silent about much of her feelings.  She delved into astrology, tarot reading, palmistry, and whatever psychic books she could get her hands on.

     This went on for about 10 years.  It was about this same time that Christine went on a weekend retreat in which she met a woman who channeled and experienced a group session in which she was asked to link up with her deceased family members.  She felt them very strongly sitting around her shoulders.  It was a very emotional time, and the opening up a doorway that would change her life.  She was then told that it was time to throw out all of the books she was studying.  It was not her path to utilize this type of healing but it would come from within.  This was scary for her but as always, she listened to what Spirit had to say.

     Shortly thereafter there was a family event in which the energies were very intense and the siblings gathered round and had a séance.  Christine received a spiritual guide who called himself Robert and he said he was her grandmother's, Mae, second great grandfather from Germany and he was here to assist.  Robert became Christine’s Gate Keeper and assisted her in the process of psychic communication.  He was the MC so to say when other spirit guides wanted to converse with her.  Christine started picking up different types of metaphysical books to assist her curiosity.  As she read a book, she would receive a spiritual guide.  One being was for breathing techniques, another was for healing techniques, another was for protection and it continued on and on.

     Christine was feeling their energies continuously and started doing automatic writing.  As she finished a book, she would receive the guide.  Robert would come through first to assist in the process and then the spiritual guide for the subject would come through to discuss certain elements.  She was then asked to speak to her siblings of her gift as it was an important aspect.  This went very well, one sister, was not as open to the energies but the rest of the family were completely open.  They would travel to Philadelphia together and search their past lives.  Christine started conducting circles with the family and her parents were thrilled to hear from their parents which created a bonding within the family unit.

      The energies became more intense for Christine and she found that she needed to protect herself more.  She delved into the world of crystals and found the book written by Dr. Love Joy in which he created a spiral meditation through all the chakras and within the palms and feet.  It was very powerful and Christine started utilizing this specific visualization with double-terminated crystals.  It alleviated the physical problems that she was encountering.  She also realized that with the channeling energy she had many gifts to give.  In the beginning it came slowly but then quickly.  The healing energies would come through her hands when someone needed assistance.

     After awhile, the family dropped away from participating and Christine married a man she had known for quite some time, thus her name DeFebo was added to the mix.  They were on a spiritual path together which was very intense.  The marriage helped her to realize that she had many dysfunctional issues of self esteem that she needed to address.  She joined an Inner Child Recovery Group for her issues and then continued through a Co-Dependency group all the while healing very deeply.

     This healing became intense so that her and her husband decided it would be better to part.  At this time, she delved into Native American traditions through books, and attending Sweat Lodges.  This really assisted her in her journey of self-transformation.  The self-help groups ended and she started conducting several different types of groups which were Grandmother’s Full Moon Healing Circle and Angelic Connection Group.  She started moving into channeling the Angelic Realm after her inner child support work.  Her healing sessions were formed for Chakra Balancing and Integrative Healing Techniques.  She worked with a friend, Selmer Payne, an amazing teacher and healer.  She learned that she was very shamanic and started bringing this into her work.  She also attended many groups including a Native American Elders Conference in Texas which totally changed her life.  No Eyes, from Mary Summer Rain's books, totally assisted her and kept her on the straight and narrow. 

     At this point, she then bought Dr. Joshua David Stone’s books on Ascension and felt a deep inner pull towards doing this work.  This occurred in the early 90’s and it was very hard to understand.  She and some friends decided to have an Ascension Support group in which a lesson was read from the book and then she channeled the Ascended Masters.  The Ascended Masters became her deepest friend.  She learned that she had a deep soul connection to many of them and it warmed her heart to have such love come into her life.

     The lineage of energy that she brought forth was amazing to her that she could do all of this.  Of course, during this time there was much work that was done and the density was so very strong that sometimes it was challenging to get through the blockages.  Sometimes she was unsure whether she was a channel, or a healer and found out later that she was multi-dimensional.  At times it was unsettling in which way to turn.

     Her physical body started to heal in various ways.  She delved into herbs, vitamins, and essential oils.  She had a low-thyroid condition and with the help of a Native American guide, No Eyes, and healer, Selmer Payne, she healed this part of herself along with all of the symptoms she had from taking medication for many years.

     It was at this time that Christine started receiving the Light Body energy which was very intense at times.  She started formulating different types of groups such as Conversations with Angels, an interaction group for people to feel their own Angelic Presence along with the Archangels including a channeling session; Evening with the Masters, a channeling group in which the Ascended Masters would speak to the group on the energies; Walking the Rainbow Bridge, an encounter group to help individuals connect with the loved ones on the Other Side which included channeling some of the loved ones’ energies to the group; Ascension Support Group in which Christine formulated lessons from Dr. Joshua David Stone’s books and channeled the masters associated with the lesson  The ascension group was on-going for ten years with great healing for the participants.  Each of the individuals walked into their own path of healing as this was Christine’s vision – the help others find their truth within.

     In 1999 Christine attended Dr. Stone’s Wesak Festival held yearly in Mt. Shasta, California.  This event changed her life and she went from not knowing who she was to allowing the energies to enfold within her.  This was a three-day event packed full of many Lightworkers from around the world and teachers speaking throughout the conference.  Dr. Stone conducted ascension meditations every evening and the changes that occurred were amazing.  She continued to attend through 2001 but as an active volunteer which was a wonderful experience.  Her energies changed from that point forward.  She developed a close relationship with Dr. Stone on a soul level and they shared many emails with each especially during the tragedy of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.

     In 2002-05 Christine and her friends conducted their own Wesak ceremony in Southern NJ.  They had several people attend and the energies were wonderful.  In 2006 Christine returned to Mt. Shasta with a few friends to be part of the energies during Wesak.  It was an amazing time which was filled with great magic and true awakening within each individual.  She continues to conduct the Wesak ceremonies as these energies are very important to her well-being.  In addition she travels to conduct ceremonies in Mt. Shasta yearly to conduct with the Telosian energies beneath Mt. Shasta along with helping to heal the land masses with grid activations.

     Additionally in 2000 Christine was guided by the Lady Masters to create “Electromagnetic Diamond Heart Therapy” which assists individuals to be fully attuned to their I Am Presence.  She formulated the healing session to include Chakra Balancing techniques, with hands-on healing and then integrating diamonds into each of the chakras and all joint connections, and closing off the energy with the Soul Star and Earth Star spinning the spiritual body to enhance the integrating of one’s I Am Presence.  It is a one-time session and the individual can then spin their diamonds on a daily basis to assist in accessing their divinity.

     In 2002 Christine become ordained through Melchizedek Synthesis Light Academy which has changed to I Am University through the auspices of Dr. Joshua David Stone.  Dr. Stone physically ascended in 2005 and no longer conducts the Wesak Festivals in Mt. Shasta.  The organization has moved to Vienna.

     It was also in 2002 that Christine started the online meditation group, “The Clarion Light Beings of 911”.  Christine experienced a sweat lodge in Long Island one month after 911 and fell into the rocks in which she was burnt.  She had been doing Shamanic work with the souls who had perished.  More info is available on the page entitled, Clarion 911.  At first, the group was a connection with the souls who had perished as they wanted to assist the earth plane with healing and thankfulness for all of the prayers and healing that had occurred with them.  Christine added “& Beyond” after so many souls had perished from the war effort and earth changes. 

     In 2004 and then in 2005 Christine’s sister, Cindy and her parents Mollie and Art moved onto the Other Side.  It was a very intense time for her as three major players left the family within 15 months.  At this exact same time , Christine started channeling the Heart of God and then the Will of God.  During one of the ascension groups in 2005, Christine channeled the energy as Mother and Father God.  They called themselves the Great Central Sun.  It was very powerful and the room changed into a temperature that should only be experienced in the Arctic.  Afterwards, the room was silent for a long time and everyone just looked at each other in disbelieve.  The Great Central Sun told Christine that she was being chosen to be a spokesperson for their energies but an integration period would take place.  This integration period would be about 18 months. It took nearly two years to be fully integrated.  Christine had integrated her I Am Presence six months before this took place.  Many elements changed for Christine.   Her sleep habits, eating, and lack of focus was a general concern.  There was a period in which Christine was unable to stay in her body and had to force herself to eat.  This is why the transition took as long as it did.

     Also during this time, Christine was working in the corporate world.  She tried to balance both worlds but doing the work it become increasingly difficult.  She was single and needed to support herself, but her healing was the most important aspect in her life.  She did not realize until later why she had to go through so many transitions and transformations.

     Christine’s work has shifted from doing groups physically into more work through the internet as Tele-Classes, Healing Circles, and connecting with others.  She does a lot of work through Facebook and has a fan page entitled, “Spectrum Light Ray Mastery Teachings”.  Her concentration is on assisting individuals with tools during the ascension process and helping others to understand what they are going through in each moment. 

   She is also working more closely with the Great Central Sun energies now known as the Cosmic Great Central Sun as Christine realized the lineage of energies she brings forth.  In addition she connects with the Creative Source of Oneness as this is the overall energy exchange we are all intertwined with in our Soul Family of Light.  She started a weekly call, "Cosmic Oneness" on Sunday evenings in which the Cosmic energies come through to assist with energy activations and information for the week.

   Presently Christine is concentrating on her writing projects.  One is taking Cosmic Oneness which is a weekly call out onto the road to meet people personally and help them awaken.  She also is finishing a book about her sister and parent's journey to the Other Side called, "Our Journey of Light".  In addition she is preparing to get her book "The Clarion Light Beings of 911 & Beyond ~ A Journey of the Continuance of Life" in preparation stages to get it on paper in December and is receiving assistance from Balboa Press in putting this together.

         The journey continues every moment and when you think you are stabilized, the Universe shows you otherwise.  Her lessons are now on a global level of teaching and not so much individually, but sometimes the personal issues still pop up to remind her who she was.  The complete acceptance of her own I Am Presence within the physical body is what helps her move through the challenges of helping to create the New Earth and assisting others to move into a Fifth Dimensional Frequency.  She also has recently experienced full Oneness within her Physical Being through her own Lotus Heart which is an amazing feeling.

    It is a very powerful time full of transformation and integration.  Christine is elated that she can assist others upon this pathway and is looking forward to fully accessing the fifth dimensional energies fully upon the New Earth.


Lady Meleriessee is a Teacher of the full spectrum of the God Force up through the Cosmic Energies, and working with her in either private or in a group setting will truly assist one to fully access the higher realms necessary for our transition together into ONENESS. As Gaia, Mother Earth, transitions into the New Earth each of us are aspiring to acquiring our fifth dimensional vehicles. Utilizing the Spectrum of Light Ray Mastery will assist in commanding one's pathway of acceleration and balance of Mastership. She works in partnership with Mike Hayden.

Lady Meleriessee

Vibratory Master of Ascension
Teacher ~ Coach ~ Advanced Vibratory Healing Practitioner
Cosmic Messenger of Love & Light

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