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~Spring Has Sprung ~

Now Comes the Fun!

March 20th represents the official entryway into Spring of 2012 unless, of course, you live in the Southern Hemisphere and you are celebrating the Fall Equinox.  This occurred on Tuesday morning UTC 5:14 AM.
The equinox represents equal points of time when the day and night is in full balance.  It is a pivotal moment in time when we fully come into Oneness so what a perfect opportunity for each of us to experience all that we have been talking about in the full expression that we are.  The Spring represents New Beginnings and planting our seeds as the Fall is the time of the Golden Harvest which means that all points around the globe are truly coming into a new state of Beingness whether you live in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere.
Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are truly excited with the upcoming change in seasons.  Some have experienced different weather patterns than previously which is bringing warmer climates into our existence even though it is the middle of winter.  I know Mt. Shasta has also been experiencing great change which for being our first year here in the Northwest has been a very pleasant experience.
What does this mean?  The planet is changing as has been predicted.  More light is coming unto the earth to assist each of us through the process.  We are the Wayshowers and what a beautiful example than to experience lighter and warmer days.  This is just one of the signs that each of us is seeing at this time.  The Spring is a time of rebirth; many have been challenged the last few months since the event of 11-11-11.  We were catapulted into a new way of existence with those frequencies but what we did not realize is that we fully needed to take care of the old elements and timelines that no longer served the present timeline.  So the energies have moved us forward whether we were ready to experience the turbulent moments or not.  It is all in our personal experience.
Then two days after the Equinox, the New Moon appeared in Aires pushing us even further towards our intended destinations.  The preparations that we have been going through prior to this moment in time have been very extreme for many individuals.   We have had to step up to our intended responsibilities that our Soul’s Essence has deemed appropriate for each of us.  Being in the physical reality we don’t always realize this point of fact, but it is our time to fully accept that our Higher Self is in command, giving the directions, and our physical essence is along for the ride.  It is all about our timelines of the past, present, and future.  Until we fully remove the old timelines that can get in the way of our full pathway, we still will be hit with massive challenges.  These timelines are located within our Cellular Memory or Etheric Body which we carry with us through all travels in our soul’s existence.
We have recently learned about these timelines and how they affect us on a personal basis.  Everything we experience has to do with these lost pockets of information tucked away deep inside of us and until we fully learn to remove them completely, we will not be able to fully accept the fifth dimensional body structure.  We can consciously bring froth the higher dimensional frequencies of beautiful love experiences in joyful and bliss, but the essential component is to fully allow the Etheric Body to be completely clear of these elements. These energies we are experiencing are the gift of the Consciousness of Oneness to allow us to walk through the present challenges.
For Mike and I, we were catapulted into a new way of Being as our pathway has become very strong and intense.  We did not realize how deeply this would happen until we found out we were being watched by many of both the Light and the Lower energies.  It was a challenging month from middle of February until now, but we came out the other side with higher awareness, understanding, and knowing that we needed to be diligent in each moment with our tools and connections of the Spirit World.  What was a meeting of our old timelines that needed to be removed would really be a blessing to our pathway.
The story that unfolded included elements that one would only see in a sci-fi movie.  Living in the third dimensional world you do not encounter these things.  But we did and what happened to us during this time is that we learned to be the Torch Bears of the Light and not the Warriors any longer.  We do not fight with the Light, but accessed it more fully and arose above the lower frequency.  Did I say it was easy?  We had moments of staying strong with each other, in ourselves, and walking through many doorways of shamanism.  I am grateful for the training I have had from No Eyes; without this work, I would not have been able to be as strong as Mike became very ill with fever.  The only way we could combat it was with the higher frequencies and standing up to it all, moving through it, and saying goodbye to it.  For Mike there were initiations to go further into this work as he had to assist me also.
This experience fully brought us closer but in essence taught us so much more, that we need to share our tools with others.  So we brought forth a 5D Body High Vibration Protection Protocols Class in which we shared to others our personal experience along with techniques to rising above the old elements.  We were introduced to the Unified Whole a few months ago by a man called IAM in Mt. Shasta.  We learned that it was the same frequency I had been channeling known as the Creative Source of Oneness except with Master Thoth being the overlighting energy, a spokes-being so to speak.  We learned how to remove old timelines from past lives that kept us in bondage so that we could be in Oneness, right here at this time.  We also learned how old Pantheons of the past religious times of this Earth can try and stop us as they are not part of the Unified Whole. We learned how to put all these elements in Wholeness and Oneness by connecting to the 144 dimensions.  And we shared it with others.  This class is available for an MP3 Download with jam packed full of information with four high vibrational meditations; one of which is the Unified Whole Protection Meditation, one that you do not want to miss.  Check out the specifics underProtection Protocols.  In addition for those that take the Protection Class, we are offering a special session with Master Thoth and the Unified Whole to assist in removing the old timelines and access your 5D consciousness into the 3D body which only helps to open up the pathways further.  It will not change you physically except make elements easier within your life.  Details are provided on the download page after payment has been made for the Protection Protocols.
So what has been your challenge of the past few months?  Are you releasing old elements that no longer serve your present circumstance?  I think each of us is doing so.  It is very apparent with the energies that have been coming through on our weekly calls of Cosmic Oneness, Clarion Light Beings 911 & Beyond, and the New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light. .  The vibrations are increasing through myself and Mike to assist others.  We also have noticed that whatever an individual needs to receive they will only bring forth those levels of energies.  So it is a perfect combination for a newbie or someone who has been on the path for awhile.
I share all of this because it is a perfect example of what we are experiencing within the Earth energies.  The day and night were at a perfect moment in time representing the dark and the light or the higher and the lower.  In the moment of the Equinox we just stood in balance of between both worlds.  We are moving towards more Light onto this planet, and we did a small ceremony outside to fully accept this pathway.  It is time for each of us to bring forth those packets of information that our Higher Self has been awaiting to share with us.  It is all in Divine Timing.  Until we have been ready to accept them, we cannot receive them.  New seeds are now ready to be planted as we assist Gaia in her transition.  The grid lines are being placed from the higher frequencies into her Heart Essence so again, "what we do for ourselves is assisting others," and in this case, it is a global acceleration.
The Spring Equinox is the time to create all of these elements.  What is it that you have been trying to create?  The past few months have pushed us into this timeline to fully be in the Creation that We Are.  No matter what you have been experiencing it has not been for nault.  Keep on walking, my friend, with all your faculties in place.  Allow the old to be fully removed and accept your Divine Purpose.
This is what we see in this Equinox of 2012.  If you want some assistance, please check out our recordings on Cosmic Oneness and the Clarion Light Beings of 911 & Beyond, March 18th and 19th .  The frequencies coming on the calls is very powerful which means that I, Meleriessee, have had to move my vibrations up higher; and Mike is grounding this energy more deeply for me so the frequencies can flow through both of us.  This is the way we are going to be experience our lives for 2012. 
We hope that you have an exciting Spring as we full walk into our Oneness of this Earth.

Blessings in Love & Light,

I AM Meleriessee at your serivce
and I AM Mike at your service,


Expressing Yourself As You Always
Were Meant To Be

Actively Participating in the
Unified Whole Consciousness

Greetings My Fellow Light Bearers,

I come to you as Master Thoth speaking within the consciousness of the 144 dimensional frequencies to share with you some background information.  Many of you already have this frequency within your Beings, but most, if not all, have forgotten.  We are coming into a new frequency upon the Earth, and now is the time for us to work with each of you in the space of frequency as it is meant to be.

Let's backstep for a few moments as I explain how we came to this space of existence.  There have been eons and eons of lifetimes that each of us experienced whicch have left seeded codes everywhere around the Earth and within each of us as the Soul Essence that we are.  We have traveled around the Cosmos creating connections, friendships, and enemies of many different sorts.  Some are still doing this.  We call these TIMELINES.  They are frequencies of information left over from lifetimes which you would categorize as Karma although many of the pockets of remembrances have been cleared but not all of them.  We also call them Pantheons of religious lifetimes especially upon Earth and I include the Egyptians, me of course, the Romans, the Jewish faith, and all those lifetimes that we spent in these pathways.  Many have been warriors, some good and some not so good.  These timelines get stored away into the Etheric Body or commonly known as the Cellular Structure or Memory.

Earth and each of you are coming into the full ascension process so it is important that we make ourselves known to each of you.  I also was part of a Pantheon and had to be put into Oneness.  Hmmm, what does this mean?  Well, many of you know I was not always the easiest Being to get along with and I stepped on many toes.  Those Pantheons were still hanging out in the lower dimensions as that is where they thought they should be.  So I had to go through a cleansing process, so to speak, in order to remove those elements that were getting in the way.  And many Lightworkers do not know this so they are picking up the Pantheons and not the real deal, so to speak.  We have contacted a few Lightworkers to assist us with this process to help clean up the Earth, but that is not an easy task for a humanoid.  Strength must be part of the process so we asked IAM who was residing in Mt. Shasta, in his car no less, to talk with Christine when she was on the summit one snowy day in October.  IAM is our messenger but we knew that Christine, or as she is known to many as Meleriessee, and Mike would be able to put all of this into action.  Of course, their higher self's fully agreed to this contract and now we have a Unified Whole Command that Meleriessee & Mike are the major team players or commanders of this ship, so to speak.

We asked IAM to assist both Meleriessee and Mike to understand the concept of connecting to 144 dimensions of reality also known as the Creative Source of Oneness which Meleriessee has been familiar with.  They both went through clearing up many of the timelines just to start the work.  That was only the beginning.  Please understand that this journey has taken several months with both Meleriessee and Mike so now it is our time to be fully active in all of your lives.

What the Unified Whole means that each of our souls are in Oneness as we were in the beginning, one big family.  We were in formlessness and then decided to move into forms of angelic beings, and interplanetary locations.  Thus the action of karma started and we all forgot where we came from.  This is all that  each of you are experiencing now of remembering your roots, your essence, your Divinity.  The frequencies that are occurring in 2012 are allowing us to bring this essence into the Earth and each of you.

In order for us to fully accelerate together we all must be in Unison.  If we are not, then discordant efforts will result which has been the norm in your lives for centuries of time.  At this point, Earth is in the 4th dimension with the duality of fighting the high and lower energies.  There are two sides to the coin and then there are those that are the bridge.  Some think they are the bridge by combatting their voice about what is right and what is wrong.

I am here inn this moment to help you understand where you may be as a Lightworker and how you can best help yourself through this process.  I have come to Meleriessee and Mike because it is their pathway to share with many.  Not many would take on this role as they have been attacked in various ways but with the assistance of the Unified Whole (and that is not just about me but the consciousness of Oneness), they have been able to rise above the situation.  Both of them have been warriors previously and the lower forces knew this.  They tried hard to get them back.  They were able to remove all the old timelines that could have stopped them from achieving the goal they want to do in this lifetime.  It is my honor to work with both of them as what they have endured has not been easy for any of us.  I share these personal thoughts because each of you are in the same situation whether you know it or not.  Being in the consicousness of the 5th dimensional arena is wonderful but it is not flowers and roses as you may think until you allow your karma to be transcended.

You may have the role of warrior this lifetime and if that is so, then I don't need to address your essence.  I am here to help the individuals that truly want to walk into the 5th dimensional New Earth physically with all their faculities and wonderful gifts as has been prophesizzed by many.  I am here as the spokes-being of the Unified Whole and I am no better than any of you.  I have been where you have and if you walk into my essence, I will promise you that you will be taken care of as we have done with Meleriessee and Mike.

The question is:  Are you a Torch Bearer of the Light or are you a Warrior of the Light?  There is a difference and it is your personal choice with your higher self to determine this pathway.  This is the role of the pathway of the New Earth and this is your year to decide.  We cannot pussyfoot around any longer.  Your pathways are being decided for you and now is the time to take action for yourself.  Love is beautiful but it must be felt through your entire being, not just in your mind.  Don't think you are not being fooled either, because you are.  That is part of the plan of separation.

I speak to all of you that are channeling, listen to a channel, or receive guidance from a channel.  It is imperative that all the Pantheons be in Oneness and many are channeling Beings that say they are of the Light but truly are not.  The channels are being deceived as it is a programming inside of them that is accepting the frequency.  I ask each of you to be very diligent of your mind and your body ~ to feel the essence that is coming through either you or another and ask them if they are a PANTHEON of past history.  They cannot lie as this is part of the Universal Law.  Calling upon the Unified Whole is the assistance  you need.

So now I say to you say this command:

Count upwards from 0 to 10, then 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 141, 142, 143, 144.  Take a deep breath and feel that frequency.  
You are fully integrating the entire Spiritual Hierarchy, God Force, Christed Extra Terrerestials, Inner Earth and all beings from the 0 to the 144th dimension that are in Wholeness.  Then visualize this light as if you are in an elevator and bring it back down into your dimensional reality.  We like to think you are aspiring to the 5th so let's do that now.

144, 143, 142, 141, 140, 130, 120, 110, 100, 90, 80, 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 9, 8,7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0...now go from 0 to 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 to 5.

Take another deep breath.  You are allowing yourself to go from Zero to 144 and back down again....State your plea, intention, and when finished

This is just the beginning.  I wanted to share this information through Meleriessee as I know it is going to help everyone and Gaia to bring forth these frequencies of Light, to shut out what needs to leave and fully embrace your Divinity of Love and Light within all parts of your being in all moments.

I will be working with both Meleriessee and Mike as the Unified Whole as this is just our beginning together.  I hope you will join us.

In thankfulness of your Light on this Plane of Existence,
I AM Master Thoth at your service.



Mel & Mike
Walking Terra Christa
Radio Show

Starting Fri, March 30th,
2 PM Pacific, 5 PM Eastern, Walking Terra Christa Radio
and each Friday thereafter.

Join us as we discuss how to ground the 5th dimensional body into the New Earth with shamanic techniques, high vibrational tools and intriguing guests who share our same vision for the NEW EARTH.

See Meleriessee's Blog:
Journey of Illumination
for specific details


This class took place on
March 8th and for a special price we are offering the download of the MP3 File, Handout of the Class, and 4 Very Powerful Meditations including 
( ~ may well be the most powerful meditation ever offered ~)

Only $37.88

over 4 hours of audio, the informational handout & the decree



Mar 12th, 2012
Elohim Councils of God ~
144th Frequency of Power

The Elohim Councils of God bring forth a special enhancement to our Light Bodies by allowing us to accept the original formlessness that we are at the 144th Dimensional Frequency. This way we can fully embrace our True Power as Tourchbearers of the Light. 


Mar 14th, 2012
2nd Visit to the Golden City of Hakropoliah over Tiawan
Lord Adama hosts our second visit to the Etheric Golden City that is "the Bridge to the New Earth".  Angel Roshel bring us the gift of the Highest Level of Frequency yet.  It is the restructuring of our Divine Self's to merge with our Soul's capability and our Angelic Self/Higher Self using the Pink-Orange Ray.  We also expand our balanced Male-Female Self's with the Sea-Foam Green.
Click here to download...

Mar 18th, 2012
Preparing for the Spring Equinox
Lord Sananda & the Divine Mother & Father God open up the Pathway for our Newest Frequency to Be Physically Integrated

Click here to download..

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Mar 19th, 2012
Celebrating the Vernal/Autumn Equinox
The Essence of the Butterfly
We once again welcome souls to the Temple.  A Special Guest from the Elemental Conciousness gift us with another High Vibration energy rememberence of our Formlessness to assists us with our 5D transformation.


All Calls Accessed Via Teleconference
Code 856350#

(Instructions to Set Up

Skype to Skype)

Please See our 5th Dimensional Policy of Exchange to see how easy it is to get on the calls!


5 PM Pacific,
8 PM Eastern

Wesak is coming upon us and we will be doing special calls to connect with the energies.
The Festival of the Christ represents our Resurrection; Festival of Wesak is when each of us moves up in our ascension process as Lord Buddha and all the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy meet in Shamballa; and the Festival of Humanity is a time when we take our newfound knowledge from Wesak and share it with others.

These are probably the most powerful events of the entire year which means that 2012 is going to be our time to full accept our Divinity and Remembrance.  The full moon energies happen at the exact time which increases the high energies we will be receiving.

We hope you will join us for these fabulous events.  

Wed, April 4th
  Festival of the Christ

Friday, May 4th
  Festival of Wesak

Mon, June 4th
  Festival of Humanity


Full Moon, 4-4
New Moon, 4-21

Full Moon, 5-5
New Moon 5-20
Solar Eclipse, 5-20

Full Moon, 6-4
Lunar Eclipse, 6-4
New Moon, 6-19

The Full Moon cycles are always celebrated on one of our calls.  Since the Wesak