We look forward to your† comments regarding the Decrees.† Blessings...

These decrees have been written by Christine during special energy activations or through ascension teachings.† Enjoy and Share Abundantly..

Embracing the Feminine Divine Within †for Wholeness of The One

A Special Decree for 11:11:11

As we stand at the threshold of a new way of Being,

I look back into my old ways of existing;

I want to understand what I need to embrace and what I need to release,

As I surrender onto the existence of my Divinity;

My Physical body is now healing deeply,

The wounds of the past are non-existent,

As I breathe deeply within my cellular level I see the changes occurring in this very moment;

The essence of my Soul has traveled far and wide to express the desires within;

The Etheric level that I have held deep in the confines of my Being,

Are now being removed as I fully allow the integration of Compassion & Love to be fully realized;

I see the Pink Ray of Active Intelligence within my Etheric Body which allows me to relax and rejuvenate all parts of my Being;

My Mental body is accessing the wisdom and knowledge that is part of my creation,

I call upon the Scientific Ray of Crystalline light to illuminate my thoughts and actions,

I see the Male and Yang frequency within me taking a breath of fresh air;

As I stand upon a new threshold embodying the ideas of my creation and ready to share;

My Emotional body then is the receiving agent of these ideas as the feelings are fully in balance,

The see-saw movements I once felt are now fully aligned with my Divine Purpose Upon this Earth,

As I intuit the Ray of Balance and Harmony of the White Light,

The Female and Yin vibration is now accepting that the Male and Yang must come into their Union;

I feel the activation of the Feminine Divine Within Me,

It is the essence of the Divine Mother God in its simplistic form,

In the fluidness and movement that is so represented by all of the Lady Masters,

Of Quan Yin, Lakshmi, Mother Mary, Pallas Athena, Lady Nada, Lady Portia, and Lady Isis just to name a few;

I call upon Lady Isis to fully represent the consciousness of All Divine Masters Embodied with the Feminine Divine upon this Earth,

She imparts to me that it is time to fully allow the embracement of the One Within,

She asks Osiris to represent the Male aspect of my Integration,

I see them embracing in front of me with the essence that they Are;

Their energies are balancing, strengthening, and completely empowering One Another;

I now embody this frequency within me,

It flows from the top of my Crown onto the bottom of my Root,

My Soul Star and Earth Star now spin completely in the Unison of the Divine;

I feel my Essence being fully activated with the beauty of my male and female divinity,

I then feel the power of my I AM Presence to be fully embraced within my physical existence;

I now embrace the Male and Female within me as my I AM is fully incorporated,

I see the Divine Mother and the Divine Father overlighting my energies;

As I become ONE with all of Creation;

I AM that I AM that I AM.

I AM Whole, I AM in Oneness, I AM in Completion;

This is now my existence as I now walk with the many,

My soul family is around me as I express my empowerment,

I allow their empowerment to shine along side of me;

Within this Oneness, I accept the Creation of my Being,

Within My physical body as now we walk into The Creation of the New Earth;

The 5th dimensional level of existence is now fully my existence,

I say thank you to the Divine Mother and her messengers of Light,

For expanding their essence onto mine;

So that all souls can walk in balance with one another;

As a Man I reach onto the Woman,

As a Woman I receive the Man,

We are in balance together,

This is the Divine Plan of Creation;

As 11:11:11 is now embodied within each of us,

We shall share together, honor one another, and allow our creative process,

To Be the One,

And Only within the One;

I AM that I AM that I AM.

I Embrace the Violet Fire of Transmutation

As I stand in the presence of my present circumstances,

I see the Light before me,

But yet in this moment I do not feel it

I step closer and closer

Until I enter the full essence

The Violet Fire immerses me completely

I feel itís complete power within my being

My Physical, Etheric, Emotional, and Mental bodies

Are now being fully purified and transmuted

Into the clearest and most powerful Light I have ever experienced

It starts at my feet and grows up around me

It embraces my entire being inside and out

The Etheric is now clear

The Emotional is Now Balanced

The Mental is Now Pure in thought

As I fully embrace my I AM

We share the Body of Light

That I AM

I AM Joy, I AM Love, I AM Serene, I AM Patient

I AM Now All that I desire

I embrace the Violet Flame

Now and Forever More

I AM that I AM that I AM

Walking With Quan Yin

Dearest Beloved Quan Yin

As I stand in your Presence, Your Light

I Am armored with your beauty and expression

I Am asking for your assistance

Please mirror to me all that You Are

I desire to have compassion within myself first and foremost

Then share this compassion with others

I now feel your essence of Mercy and Love

Enfold within me

I take a deep breath and allow the expression of all that You Are

Be the expression of All That I Am

I see my inner beauty, my compassion and my love

I Am Honored to feel your essence of Mercy and Compassion

Fully enfold within my Being

I AM that I AM that I AM

Asking Assistance from the Karmic Board

I came to this Earth to heal my wounds

There are times I am unsure how to do so

I call upon the Karmic Board to assist me

They acknowledge my soulsí worth and growth

And always have my best interests at heart

I go to Lady Portia who is the spokesperson for the group

She shows me how my own Divinity will serve its purpose to the Earth

I then ask for Goddess of Liberty

She assists me to understand the karmic relationship I have with my birth parents

As I transcend all karmic issues that are not for my Highest Good

I call upon Lady Nada, the Goddess of Love

She helps me to focus within my heart center to see we are all sentinent beings of love

This I share with everyone I meet

I ask for Pallas Athena, the Goddess of Truth

She shows me the way to Inner Truth in all my endeavors

Her Light melts away all my fears within me and around me

I embody Truth and allow myself to be totally Humble in all my relationships of self and others

Elohim Cyclopea shows me that with the power of concentration

All will be manifested within my world

There is nothing I cannot achieve as he shows me all can be accomplished at all times

I then ask for Quan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion

To show me my inner compassionate nature in all my relationships to transcend all karmic ties

This assists me in fully actualizing my Inner Self with the love that is embodied within me

The Great Divine Director who is the Manu of the Seventh Root Race walks with me

He assists me in understanding my pathway upon this Earth, called Gaia

He shows me the way of the Cosmic Rays as he is the overlighting energy of Planet Earth

I walk with him on the Pathway of Mastership to do service

Individually each of the members of the Karmic Board assists me in my present incarnation

Together they show me the guideposts so that my Being will be fully realized

I call upon the Karmic Board whenever I need assistance

Within my own pathway and others that are hindering it

I Am that I AM

I Am Honored to work with the Karmic Board in each moment

For the pathway of my soul into ascension

I Am that I Am

Psychic Self Defense

I call upon my I AM Presence

To assist me in clearing all negative energies from my Etheric body

Please remove all implants and thought forms from all my organs

My heart, solar plexus, back of the neck, and all areas that are weakened

I call upon the Golden Cylinder of Light

To Fully come into my full body system and remove any additional debris

All soul fragments are returned back to their perspective places

I ask for the Core Fear Matrix Removal Program to fully align my four-body system

I now ask to be given the Core Love Essence within my Heart and Soul

I am now complete within my four-body system

Aligned with my Highest Presence

I AM that I AM that I AM

Connecting with Alpha and Omega, Central Sun

Alpha and Omega,

I call upon you in this moment

I am a human upon this planet, You call Earth

You have assisted in the balance of male and Female

You brought to us the 49 Ascended Masters to bring forth the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light

They have honored this planet and all its inhabitants to the full realization of our I AM

I have forgotten at times who I AM and why I came here

But that time has ended ~ I now remember

I honor the Cosmic Law

I express love within and share with others,

I am truthful, honest, compassionate, and most of all loving in all deeds I perform,

I share the†responsibility†of showing others the way

I Am One with you

Alpha and Omega

Our Central Sun

I return to my original State of Being

I Am One With You

I AM that I AM that I AM

Receiving Our Sacred Heart

The energies of this New Moon are fully embracing

The Christ Consciousness of My Being

It is a time of realizing many Elements

Who I Was

Where I Came From

How Far I Have Traveled

To Sit, Reflect, and Enjoy

The Ever influential Light Within

It is Changing, this New Moon

More Than Ever Before

I Am Preparing Myself for the Great Divine Within

There is no time like the present to fully understand

Who I Am

I Breathe It In Now

I Feel It

Does It Feel Uncomfortable

Is My Body Reacting

I stop, and allow it to Be

I Am Receiving a Download, an Integration, an Attunement

Whatever I Choose to Call It

I Am becoming a different person than the One I thought I Was

As I stop and reflect within

It is beautiful

It is sharing,

It is embracing,

It is The Sacred Heart Within

I have found my Inter-galactic Family

Sananda guides me every moment

It is not the Jesus, it is the Sananda

It is not the Planetary, it is the Galactic

He shows me the way that I Am

More than I ever thought I could be

He is showing me the way

Onto My Own Sacred Heart

I Embrace, I Feel, I Accept

I AM All That I Ever Could Be

Integrating Christ Consciousness

I AM a Fully Christed Being within my physical vehicle,
Happiness is the key to my life circumstance
I AM the Master of My Destiny,
My inner attitude reflects my outer reflection
I AM Healthy and Well in all areas of my Being,
I see God in Others
I AM that I AM

I look at my mistakes in life to be lessons on the†
Greater path of Awareness,
I unconditionally love myself and those I encounter each moment,
I embrace Love within me and see love around me
I AM in Love Consciousness

All of my teachings and lessons are perfect examples of where my consciousness lives,
I change all aspects of myself that seem to be in lower forms and,
Accept the higher forms of Great Mastery
I AM empowered in each moment and†
My personal power is reflected within my pathway,
I only experience Love,
I live in the Moment,
I transcend all duality,
I create the Consciousness of Oneness within me NOW


Calling Upon Helios & Vesta
Representatives for the
Great Central Sun of our Universe

We call upon the energies of Helios, for Illumination

We call upon the energies of Vesta, for Truth

Helios represents the Alpha or Male Principle

Vesta represents the Omega or Female Principle

Together they represent the Great Central Sun of our Solar Universe

Encompassing the Earth, Our Sun, and other planets

We stand before them as initiates of the Light

They created our Monads or I Am Presence

We are now embodied with these energies

To move through our initiations

To Become the Christ Within

We call upon them for their assistance

For the balance of our Alpha and Omega Within

Our male and female energies are working together as it was intended in the beginning

We now embody the energy of our I Am Presence

To Be the Bridge between the Alpha and Omega

We have faith as we move through our initiations within our physical vehicle

The challenges can be great but the reward is even greater

As we stand amongst Helios and Vesta

We see we are not only their initiates

But the Masters Within

Let us Fully Accept our Destiny of Light

To Be the Teachers of this Earth

And fully embrace our Divine Right of

Beauty, Love, Joy, and Acceptance within our Hearts

So Mote It Be

I Am that I Am that I Am

One Being in Action ~ 9th Gateway
of the
11:11 Activation
October 25th, 2010

I stand in the doorway of the 9th Gateway of the 11:11 Activation

I look behind me and see my old self that was once unconscious and unaware

As I walk forward, I feel the Essence of Becoming ďA True OneĒ

I no longer need to hide any part of my SELF

I open up my Core Essence to Show to Everyone

I effortlessly influence and inspire the world around me

I AM Pure Heart Love and carry it wherever I go

I step through the doorway and meet my comrades of Oneness

No matter Who I am, A First Waver, A Bridge, or a Second Waver

We are all part of the Oneness

We celebrate the emergence of the True Ones Together

As the planetary evolution is now ascending to a new level

We have become Masters in Action creating the new reality

We are Pure Love in Action

We Are that We Are that We Are

10-10-10 Activation
October 10th, 2010

I stand in the presence of my physical being,

I feel my emotions which are reeling of my past thoughts

But yet I want to fully accept the newness that is coming towards me

I ask for the assistance of the Violet Flame to purge all

Old emotions that do not serve my highest purpose in this moment.

I breathe it deeply within me

I feel my thoughts changing into the purging fire

Violet is my friend, is my ally, and my purpose in this moment

I now feel my physical body, my emotional body, and mental body

I try to feel the old that served its purpose in the not too distant past

I am sad as the feelings need to be gone, like saying goodbye to an old friend

But yet I am glad as the newness will start to enfold within me.

My lower body of the physical, emotional and mental levels are now encased within the Violet Fire

What is it that I desire NOW?

I breathe deeply as I bring in the Pink Flame of Compassion and Love

It is swirling inside of me, outside of me and allowing me to accept the New Me

Which is really the Old Me that I had left behind Eons Ago

The Veil of Forgetfulness has now been removed

Swirling colors of gold, platinum, pearlescence, of the higher frequencies

I now embrace the essence of my I AM Presence

The group consciousness that I was once a part

Is now fully integrated into my Being

I accept my new pathway as I bring forth

Truth, Justice, Acceptance, Joy, Love, and more Love and more Love

I AM Now Fully Within The God Consciousness

I AM No longer alone

As I stand amongst the 144 souls of my light beng family

What a blessing to be with them

In the Presence of this wondrous Light

I AM Whole Once Again



I AM renewed, awakened, rejuvenated, and fully within and accept


Lady Meleriessee is a Teacher of the full spectrum of the God Force up through the Cosmic Energies, and working with her in either private or in a group setting will truly assist one to fully access the higher realms necessary for our transition together into ONENESS. As Gaia, Mother Earth, transitions into the New Earth each of us are aspiring to acquiring our fifth dimensional vehicles. Utilizing the Spectrum of Light Ray Mastery will assist in commanding one's pathway of acceleration and balance of Mastership. She works in partnership with Mike Hayden.

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