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January 4, 2010

New Moon & Solar Eclipse

Love Being Shared by Lord Adama

Dearest Ones,

I come to you from Telos to bring forth a few moments of Love that we are all experiencing.  It is a wonderful event that is occurring on this day upon the Planet with the activation of the Solar Eclipse and New Moon.  As the New Moon represents New Beginnings, the Solar Eclipse represents the merging of the male and female energies.  We are now in the midst of these events occurring each day, and we want to thank you for fully acknowledging the power within you for the creation of Love that is about to enfold within your lives.

What an amazing event to behold ~ to watch many open up their hearts onto the Light of their own soul’s essence and to act upon the thoughts that will be transmitting from the Male into the Female for the creation of your moments.  That is exactly what is happening to each of you on this day.  Creative energies are abounding within you, around you, and allowing them to surface onto the newness that each of you are experiencing.

If you feel you are not creative in these moments of this activation, then take a moment to allow the entry of your Higher Self, your Soul’s Essence to be the commander of your ship.  This is absolutely important for the upcoming moments and days upon your pathways.   Some of you are truly being blessed with energies from your True Loves or Beloveds, even if it is only on a 5th dimensional level.  Please know that if you have been receiving such communication, it cannot help but be manifested in your lives as you change your individual selves.  It is an important part of your higher level of physical manifestation within your Body, your Mind, and your Spirit.  Allow yourself to accept their thoughts, love, joy, and pain to come to you as you are growing together very deeply during these times of transition.  If you have not met physically or possibly have met through certain venues, but it has not been manifested as a romantic relationship, then you are learning from each other through your growth processes.  In time, when it is time, it will all occur and when it does, it will happen very quickly.  So take these moments of growth to assist each of you to share onto each other as you learn how to interact with love from your hearts.

There may be some of you that are not interested in receiving a True Love or Beloved within your life and you may think that you are just fine the way that you are:  loving every individual that comes into your pathway.  Please know that on this level of continuance of the fifth dimensional physical frequencies, you will attract one that will be your complement of your soul’s essence and it may not be in the form of a romantic relationship.  That is fine.  It is different for everyone and each of you know deeply within your hearts which level you are feeling in these moments.  But be extra careful, as it can happen at any given moment and then poof, there comes the magic within.

This energy on this day is not just about receiving your beloveds into your world, but it is about finding your own true love within your heart.  Without receiving this then you are not fully ready to receive the essence that is fully connected within your Being.  It is very important to receive your own frequency in order to raise the frequency around you.  Each of you is doing that in your own special way, and I want to acknowledge that pathway within you as it is happening in each moment of your Creation.

Be sure to take a moment on this day and through the 6th of January to fully intend to speak with your Male and Female energies separately.  Find out what they need and where their strengths or weaknesses may lie.  This exercise is very much like being in a physical relationship in which the male needs to speak with the female in order for your needs to be met.  Until you understand the processes within you for the Male of Activation and the Female of Creation, then they cannot come together in complete harmony.  See yourself walking on a beach and you sit upon a rock near the ocean.  Allow your Male aspect to sit with you and talk to you about his weaknesses and strengths.  Then do the same with your Female counterpart.  Be the counselor between as the Female sits on the left and the Male on the right.  Let them share with each other.  When all is said and done, see the Male take the Female’s hands together as they face one another.  Allow them to meld together and then they return within you, deeply into your Heart Center. 

Feel the Joy, the Bliss, the Serenity, and the Acceptance of each other.  Allow your Soul’s Essence to enter through your Crown and join in the Union of all aspects of yourself.  Take a deep breath and just continue to feel the Love that is within you.

Now ~ go about your day ~ How do you feel?  Are you seeing things differently than before?  Embrace yourself fully and acknowledge the blissfulness within you. 

Continue this exercise every day and allow the completeness of your Being ~ Accept Who You Have Become.  Now you are ready to full accept your Divinity Within you.

We teach our children these elements at a very young age so they do not have to go through what each of you have endured.  It is time for us to share with one another the love and joy that is so prevalent within each of our Souls.  It is our time to fully share with each of you how to ascend your physicality into the higher realms of continuance.

My wish for each of you on this day is to fully embrace the acceptance of your Soul’s Essence in Balance of the Male and Female, the God and Goddess Within so you can then share with others your experiences and knowledge deeply from your Heart.  Then you will be able to receive the Love that is around you from your Beloveds or True Loves and from all of your soul family that is awaiting to be acknowledged.

It is my pleasure to be with you on this day of Rebirth.

I Am Lord Adama at your Service.

So Mote It Be In the Name of the Christ 


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