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Merlin the Magician
1-11-11 Energies

January 11, 2011

What a wonderful day it is.  There is a lot of frequency and a lot of movement.  You’ve gone through the doorway and now you are just embracing it.  Now you bring the lightning rods come through as you are standing out in the storm and nothing bothers you.  You have your power; you have your beauty; you are ready to receive and you are ready to do.  You are ready to allow that frequency to fully come within you.  The power is so great – you have no idea.  It’s a great time. 

We have arrived on this day of January 11th.  What does it mean?  It is a doorway of allowing the non-existence to exist within you.  It’s allowing your mind and your heart to just embrace and have no questions. You see the enfoldment in front of you as it occurs more and more.  It is the blessed of a fairy or angel within a body.  It is all things and one thing at the same time.  So if you bring in all those elements of the magic as you perceive magic in elementals, as you perceive in the unseen and bring it to the seen world, this is what you experience.  You feel and you express and you expand; and not logically trying to figure it out. 

As you walk through this doorway, it is a magical doorway.  This is because the elements of the numbers coming onto the planet and the elements of the activations of the Planetary and Moon cycles are coming together as the Earth Gaia and Grandmother Moon come together in the Oneness bringing the fluidness and expressiveness into everyone’s hearts.  So if you think of that being the expressive nature of what is occurring today; the doorway that everyone is going through is to bring that aspect of themselves into themselves as they never have expressed previously.  This is where the frequency of the manifestation comes into play.  If you allow the energy of today to be expressed within your Being, you will not question why, you will not question when, and you will not question how.  You will not question any part of it – you will just BE, to receive.  This is the aspect of your Beings that is expressing this Divinity in the physical.  You are now allowing the expressiveness of your Heart to be expressed onto others for the first time without worrying, thinking, understanding, or questioning. This is the beauty of these moments.  It is like being in a perfect meditation all the time; and allowing that expansiveness to be within you.  As you now stand past the doorway of 1:11, there will be one other doorway of 11:11 this evening.  That is the final culmination.  It does not mean you need to do a ceremony; it does not mean you have to be awake.  Before you go to sleep intend that this day is a day like none other.  It is your epiphany of your own self.  Some may receive an epiphany of others; some may receive a message, a connection that they thought were lost, or a blessing.  It is all what it is in the aspect of your Divinity to fully embrace.  The beauty of this is that your consciousness does not know.  Your higher consciousness knows.  You must teach the lower consciousness to accept the higher consciousness already knows and to allow that to enfold within.  That is the Magic and the Expressiveness of performing ceremonies like you have done.  Utilizing your specific magical tools to create, create, and create.  To have the aspect of your divinity to know that what you are creating is not specific within your mind but it is expansive in your Heart.  That is the key.

This is exactly what everyone is going through today whether they know it or not.  It is assisting everyone in tremendous ways even in the ones that are not aware of it.  As this assistance comes, the frequency, durability, and the acceptability is going to flow within and the more moments that you experience, the more you will want.  You will train yourself to be more flexible, expansive, to Just Be, to be in the moment, to express the moment and expand it outwards.  Your Divinity within you is changing as the Divinity around you is expressed.  That is what is going to bring your soul family together.  It is going to assist in the process of this great expansiveness.  We call 11:11 doorways beyond the comprehension of the mind and into the mind’s eye allowing to enfold within the physical as the multitude of dimensional frequencies blend into the One.  That is the magic today.

Do you feel the magic?  Are you ready for the magic?  I am excited to express the magic to each of you.

I Am Merlin, the Magician at your service.

May the Magic Be Within You, Around You, as you share with others.