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This mediation can be done in preparation for each full moon !


Before starting this meditation, take pen and paper and list your wishes that you would like to be manifested within your life.  Be very specific, if asking for additional funding, state how much; if asking for love, state the particulars so that the Universe knows exactly what you need.

The energies of the New Moon represent our gratitude and wishes for the coming month.  We have been going through a surge of energies since the last New Moon.  There have been two 3-3-3 activations in March which represented the Trinity and Truth within ourselves individually, and collectively.  The energies that we are dealing with during this New Moon are to be fully within our manifestation and the creation of our Light onto the Earth.

Please set aside some time in a sacred space so that you will not be disturbed while you are connecting with the energies.

Let us bring forth a Platinum Net to clear away any debris within our Light Bodies.  The 3Ms (Lord Metatron, Lord Melchizedek, and the Mahatma of the 352 Levels of Creation) take away this net from our structure like pulling out weeds in a garden.  We then are infused from Lord Buddha with a pink/golden light.  Breathe into these areas now.

We are now going to call upon the energies of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water along with the four directions of the East, for new beginnings, the South for emotional balance, the West for physical healing, and the North for our prayers and gratitude.  We then call upon the Thunder Beings, the Cloud People, the Root Givers, the Stone People, the Four Leggeds, Two Leggeds, Creepy Crawlers, Winged Ones and Finned Ones along with all Sentinent beings of the Creative Source.  We then ask for a Golden White Ascension Energy to come down and overlight our energies during this meditation.

At this time, we would like to ask for the following wishes to be manifested during this New Moon Energies.  State aloud your wishes to the Universe that you have written down previously.

Take a moment and do some very deep breathing starting at your Crown Chakra moving downwards into your entire chakra system through the Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root.  At first, just connect with a pure white light as you bring the energies from the top of your being through the base chakra.  Take your time as you breathe three breaths into each chakra. 

Now go deeply within your heart and feel it spinning in a counter-clockwise motion.  At first, the heart is very small but as you breathe more intensely with connected breaths you start to see a funnel-like movement with the heart.  Deep within the core there is a bud of a flower.  As your breath reaches the bud of the flower, it opens up the flower until you start to see the pedals fully opening up.  Notice the colors and the patterns of this flower.  It is very unique as it is where you are presently in your awareness.  It is now slowly opening up so that the bottom pedals are now reaching out into your chakra creating the base of the chakra and the center of the pedal is fully open.  You may sense the beauty of this flower, as it is your Lotus Flower, fully opening and may even have the sense of smell.  Breathe deeply within the essence of your heart as you expand the beauty that is within you so that the rest of your body may experience the fullness of this moment.  Your breathing now becomes calmer and you feel an inner peace of serenity flowing through you.  This is the beauty of you.

Allow yourself to fully feel this expansion within you.  You are now one expansive Being of Light ready to receive the activation necessary to create the manifestations within your physical body.  Allow your Crown Chakra to be totally open and as you do so, there is this stream of Light fully activating not only your physical body, but your emotional/etheric, mental, and spiritual essence.  At this time, think about your prayers and wishes for the present time that you wish to acknowledge.  Bring it forth within you as you stated earlier. 

We ask for White Buffalo Calf Woman to assist in allowing our physical existence to fully accept the activation of manifestations to be fully realized within our heart center.  As we do this, we feel a change coming into our heart expanding the Lotus Heart that already has been opened.  As we do this, we feel an upsurge of energies that creates a realization of acceptance within us.  Now take this feeling of acceptance and put it through the emotional level.  Feel the emotions associated with this shifting of thoughts and then move into the mental level.  As we do so, all of the thoughts that have held the manifestations from not being fully realized are dissipated in this stream of light.  The light bulb has now gone to a higher degree of intensity.  With this it brings a feeling of warmth within our being like we are laying out in the sun on a warm and balmy afternoon.  This feeling of warmth permeates every part of our Being.  Warmth brings love within our hearts and as our Lotus Heart is expanding it is bring with it a new space of continuum of life.

It is now our time to accept our destiny and as we accept this destiny, it expands outward into the world.  Let us imagine that we are standing out in a field and the thoughts we have sent outward are now returning to us in Raindrops of Light.  Put out your hands and feel the raindrops turn into your manifestation of thoughts.  Take the palm of your hand across your heart center and breathe them into the Lotus Heart.  Allow the raindrops to expand deeply within you traveling downward into your feet grounding the energies through your entire being.  Let us now expand the light through roots of our feet, into our Earth Star, and let it move farther into the Core of the Earth.  Gaia opens up her arms as she accepts the Raindrops of Light into her core and then sends it back to us.  Feel the beauty of love as each of us connects to each other in this great moment.  Send it upwards through your Crown and into your Soul Star.  The Soul Star now expands farther to reach the heavens beyond as we connect to the Oneness of the Universe and beyond.

It is now time for us to connect with the Lotus Heart once again.  We are now going to close up the Lotus but remember to open it whenever you choose.  Breathe deeply and feel the activation taking place within you as each of your thoughts are being put into action with your life in the coming days.

Take your time and come back into full awareness very slowly centering yourself with your feet, spinal column, shoulders and neck.  Count upwards from one to five if you feel the need.

Through the next month you may want to note any changes that may take by checking your “wish list” and making any comments on the thoughts and/or feelings that occur.

You may do this meditation for a three-day period during the New Moon which would include three days before and three days afterward.

 Blessings for a wonderful month.

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah


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