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"In Balance"
Message from "No Eyes"
Full Moon & Spring Equinox, March 2011

Picture Taken March 19th, 2011, 10:30 PM

Intro:  ďNo EyesĒ was a Native American woman that lived in the woods of Colorado.  Mary Summer Rain wrote about her in how she helped her see her true self.  No Eyes came to me in the 1980ís as an amazing teaching who helped me heal my low-thyroid condition, sharing her knowledge of herbs, and put me on an intense pathway of Native American teachings.  She molded the teacher I am today.  She shares her message with us monthly during the Full Moon Ceremony.

Ahh Ohh..This is No Eyes at your service.  It is a pleasure to be here once again for this monthly celebration.  The time is here Ė there is no other thoughts when it is coming ~ It is here ~ my children.  It is here ~ you have been preparing for it for a very long time.  Not only is it here for the global continuation, it is here for your individual continuation.  Each of you is transforming yourself in different ways than you ever have before.  Some of you are better spaces than others; some of you need more assistance than others, and this is why this nucleus of this group is fully coming together. 

As we sit upon the fifth dimensional frequencies, it is my utmost pleasure to be here with each of you.  I look forward to meeting you physically in the fifth dimension.  I look forward to the work and to see the rewards that you have created; because you will see them.  You still have a lot to go through in the next couple of years.  This year is going to be a very pivotal turning point but you will see more and more individuals are becoming more awakened.  In this awakening stages there is going to be great reflection.  So it is going to be very important for you to be diligent in what you are going through.  Some of you are in the crux of your healing; the deepness of your souls; the deepness of the onion that is pulling apart out of you and it feels like the tears, the anxiousness, and the stress seems to overtake you.  It is very important that you do not allow it to overwhelm you.  Just as Christine received the gift from someone in Japan, and this person felt that they needed to show their appreciation for what she does as there is great appreciation in all different ways.  It is not necessary to be in a monetary manner.  To know that there are others out there acknowledging this type of work is an enormous lesson for each of you.  It is not just a gift for Christine but it is a gift for each of you.  It is a gift for you to really see the acknowledgement that is there that this work is really being accepted by many on many different levels of the masses and the frequency of All That Is.  The rewards are going to be coming even more so than they are now.  The greatest reward that you can have within yourself is to realize that what you are doing energetically is being accepted by another. 

Each of you are in acceptance of each other in this circle of individuals that you have here and that is why you come together in this way.  But to see it being manifested in other ways and other parts of the world is an enormous gift, and this is what is happening.  Today what we have been doing with this meditation is to bring forth the forces of Light more fully into the Earthplane than they ever have been previously.  Many others are doing the same and the more we do them in the groups, the more the activations will occur in a higher frequency.  When these activations occur on this higher frequency, youíll see a continuation of your Light that is much smoother than it has been.

So if you allow yourself to feel the essence that you are and you are sliding through the areas that are uncomfortable, envison yourself on a raft in a rocky stream of water.  There are rocks all around you.  As you are on this raft, you see the rock is coming towards you.  You take a deep breath and within this deep breath, you call upon the essence of your Being to fully come within you.  As you bring forth that essence within your Being, you start to see the correlation that is happening.  When this correlation occurs, you will understand fully what the acceptance is.  Within this acceptance you will fully be able to see yourself in a different manner than previously.  As you accept yourself, you will see that the raft will go around the blockage.  You not stuck on the rock.  For eons and eons of time each of you have been stuck on this rock for a very long time, and you were not sure what to do for yourself.  So in this acceptance of not knowing what is occurring, the frequencies of Light within you fully were not being activated.  Now you are being activated ~ through the Planetary, Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal, and the Cosmic ~ all these levels are being activated within you.  It does not mean that you are living on the Cosmic level in your physical body, but it means you are actualizing these energies.  As you actualize the energies within you, you start to see a change that occurs within your consciousness.  As it changes within, there will be a frequency that you are integrating that is quite different than you ever have experienced. 

What is it that we are doing this month?  What is happening with the frequencies?  There is a lot of information out there about what can happen and what may occur, and I want each of us right now to be in the space of continuancy of your Soulís Essence.  As you bring that space within you, you will feel the presence of the mind.  Elements are going to happen; people are going to loose their lives.  Remember, not everyone is ready to do the work that you are preparing to do and this where you must assist as much as possible.  We are honored that Christine is putting forth calls like she is because not only is it accelerating each of you; it is accelerating the planet; she may be the facilitator of this energy, but each of you are the conduits.  We want to make know that each of you have the power within you to come together and do the same.  Without you she would not be able to do this work.  So you are assisting her in great ways as this individual from Japan assisted her.  By sharing with her, a part of themselves that he wanted to acknowledge.  It is important that we understand that as we bring forth these frequencies into the Earth, you are sharing a part of yourself.  You will receive in return.  The most important aspect is to Receive It.  Please receive it ~ do not push it away.  Then you are out of balance.  Then you are going into the caretaker stage; then you are moving into your mental levels and you are just saying ďI need to be helping, helping, helping.Ē  Yes, but you also need to receive also. 

The Earth is out of balance ~ everyone is out of balance.  So we need to bring the balance back within.  We need to share ~ we need to express ~ and we need to receive.  This is very, very important.  Gaia is so grateful for all the help that she has been getting and yes, it has been a long time coming.  She has been hurting for a long time and the Earth is depleting, but it is the activation of the Soulís Essence that has depleted it.  Each of us has depleted it in certain ways, and it has taken us a very long time ~ Eons of time to fully actualize the fact that within those areas we cannot fully accept what we did, or what we didnít do, but now we are doing it.  So it does not mean you have to be overly exuberant in doing it, it is very important to remember to receive the activations and the energies.  This is why your bodies are being hit the hardest with the ascension energies because the physical body is fighting it.  It so wants control, because the mental level wants control.  So letís bring all that back into balance as we take Mother Earth and Father Sky and allow them to unite.  This is exactly what is going to unite with the ascension process.  Each of you are brining in your male and female energies individually.  Many of you are meeting your male and female counterparts in physical activity in the God and Goddess and True Loves.  Mother Earth and Father Sky are going to be uniting as the Earth becomes a Star.  Within this star is the activation and the beauty that is going to be in balance.  As the Earth in this dimension, it cannot be in balance.  The frequencies that are occurring so deeply need to bring forth those energies of the marriage, of the unification, of the male and female.  So letís help Gaia, letís help Father Sky, letís help them come together in unity as each of us come together in this Unification of the Oneness as we come into that frequency. 

Take these moments to realize that this moon is a very powerful moon. As it is being activated on this day, you shall reflect and see how close is to the Earth.  It is representative of how close you are in receiving the full activation of your Light ~ receiving the full activation of your Soul Family ~ receiving the full activation of the Love that you deserve so deeply and have been searching for a very long time.  This is the Unification that is occurring at this time.  This month of March is the process of this occurring even more.  So the areas that are being deeply affected can be controlled by other energies and that is something we do not want you concentrating on ~ we want you concentrating on the LIGHT.  It is very, very important because the more activity that is spoken and written about the dark forces and the energies that are doing things, the more control they have as they are getting exactly what they want.  We do not want that ~ we want to erase them from our consciousness.  If you erase them from your consciousness, then you arise above it and you will be able to utilize the Light more fully upon the planet.  So remember these elements as  you are going through the challenges that are going to be happening.  There may be events coming up on a planetary level very quickly in the next few days.  Just be in Your Power ~ Be In Your Space.  If you are in an area, where you feel unsafe, ask for assistance.  The Inter-Galactics are very active right now.  Know ~ Know that each of you are going to be in a place where it is necessary for you to be safe.  We need you.  We need you desperately on this Earthplane ~ We need you on the New Earth ~ We need you for the transition for so many souls.  So please know that the frequency of the Light centeredness that is occurring, allow yourself to be fully balalnced and have that structure underneath of you ~ that basis, that foundation that will assist you in the process of your continuance. 

We are honored that you work with these energies fully and remember that the more frequency onto the Earth and bringing forth both of these aspects of the Ascension energy and the aspect of the native energies which is so close and dear to my heart, is the actualization that there is an element to come.  Within that change, comes freedom.  That is what each of us needs to concentrate on at this time.  That is a personal message for each of you, and it is a global message for the lands and the Earth. 

Let us breathe through that and feel the changes that are occurring for us because they are positive.  You will see the synchronization of the events as you move forth into your Soulís Essence.  As we bring those droplets of Light from your activation of the God Force of what you truly are and bring that fully within you now, breathe through that as you fully activate this essence. Ground it ~ ground it into your Soul Star and into your Earth Star and allow it to move through your entire body. Feel the roots as you are being grounded into the Earth to assist Gaia and she will, in return, give you assistance.  Put your thoughts out there ~ what is your assistance ~ what aspect and how do you need to be assisted.  It is very important that you concentrate on that also so you in turn receive the nurturing you need in the processes you are going through.  It is my pleasure to be here with you.

I Am No Eyes at your service, 

Native American Elder of the Lady of the Night. 


Lady Meleriessee is a Teacher of the full spectrum of the God Force up through the Cosmic Energies, and working with her in either private or in a group setting will truly assist one to fully access the higher realms necessary for our transition together into ONENESS. As Gaia, Mother Earth, transitions into the New Earth each of us are aspiring to acquiring our fifth dimensional vehicles. Utilizing the Spectrum of Light Ray Mastery will assist in commanding one's pathway of acceleration and balance of Mastership. She works in partnership with Mike Hayden.

Lady Meleriessee

Vibratory Master of Ascension
Teacher ~ Coach ~ Advanced Vibratory Healing Practitioner
Cosmic Messenger of Love & Light

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