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The Three Festivals of the Christ, 


and Humanity


There are three festivals that are most important as aspirants on the path of awakening which occur each year.  The Festival of the Christ falls during the full moon around Easter, Wesak follows during the full moon in May, and then the Humanity falls the immediate month in June.


The Festival of the Christ


The Festival of the Christ always coincides with the Easter weekend.  It is the first of three festivals for the next coming months.    All of these festivals affect each one of us intensely, especially if you consciously choose to work with the energies.  They come at the time of Easter as the beginning of our resurrection just as Jeshua/Sanada experienced.  But in truth, Lord Maitreya inhabited his body at this time so it was integrated not only within Jeshua but also with Lord Maitreya along with Master Kuthumi who assists in the process.


Lord Maitreya is the Planetary Christ, Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy, teacher to all ascended masters and a galactic avatar.  This festival not only celebrates the life of Jesus but also celebrates the perfect embodiment of the love expression of God.  The focus of the festival is Divine Love and the 2nd aspect is Resurrection, and third aspect is contact, which refers to a closer relationship with Lord Maitreya and his disciples and initiates.  On a planetary level this energy will eventually lead to a reorganization of planetary life.  The effects are primary physical, with the object of creating Heaven on Earth.  This is a time when we truly resurrect all elements within our entire soul, personality, and physical being that does not support our higher activations which will occur during Wesak and the integration happens during the Festival of Humanity.

 The main focus of the Festival of the Christ is Love in the highest sense of the word; the second is resurrection; and the third is contact.  This in turn allows initiates to have a closer relationship with Lord Maitreya and his disciples along with being able to connect with the Spiritual Hierarchy and humanity.  This festival lasts for three days and prepares the way for the Wesak Festival.

Festival of Wesak

The Festival of Wesak is the most important of the three major Ascended Master festivals. It is the time of the year at the Taurus Moon when humanity receives the highest level of transmission of Light frequency.  The Wesak Festival is the festival of the Buddha, commemorating the anniversary of his birth, his attainment of Buddha-hood, and his ascension.  Buddha is the perfect expression of the Wisdom Aspect of GOD.  He is the embodiment of Light and Divine Purpose and is also now our Planetary Logos.  The Wesak Festival in 2010 is being celebrated much later than usual, at the full moon of Gemini on Thursday, May 27th.  This date is shown in Buddhist websites and I believe it is because it is the full moon in May.  This later date also allows the integration of the Christ energies to be fully activated in order to prepare us for the integration of the Wesak energies.  If you have never experienced these energies on a physical basis, then this is your chance this year.  Groups around the world gather in celebration of the Wesak Festival.

The festival is the great Eastern festival, and serves to show the solidarity of East and West.  The term Wesak refers to the Wesak Valley in the Himalayas where every year all the Ascended Masters gather both on the inner and outer planes to share in a very sacred ceremony.  At the precise rising of the full moon in May, the Manu, Allah Gobi, Lord Maitreya, the Bodhisattva, and Saint Germain, the Mahochohan, stand in a triangular formation around a bowl of water that sits on a crystal.  Buddha appears and hovers above this bowl of water and transmits cosmic energies into the water and through Lord Maitreya to be disseminated then to the Spiritual Hierarchy and the initiates, disciples, and New Group of World Servers.

At the end of the ceremony, the water is shared by all those in attendance.  Wesak is also the time when initiations are given to disciples and initiates on Earth by Lord Maitreya, Lord Buddha, and more recently also by Lord Melchizedek, the Universal Logos.

 The Wesak is a time of great renewal and celebration.  At Wesak the quality of energy that is very prevalent is the “Force of Enlightenment”.  This force of enlightenment energy emanates from the heart of GOD.  It is related to Divine understanding, and the Love-Wisdom Aspect of GOD.  This force on a planetary level initiates the new world education.

This effects the education movements, values, literature, publishing, television, radio, newspaper, magazines, writers, teachers, channels, and speakers on the entire planet.  This force of enlightenment so prevalent at Wesak is why the coming together of large groups at this time can be such an awesome experience.  Wesak is the pinnacle each year where the greatest window for mass enlightenment can occur on a planetary level.

 During the ceremony Buddha sounds forth a great mantra and becomes an “Absorbing Agent” of the first ray force. Buddha then ensues the magnetic power of the second ray to attract this force to himself.  He holds it steady and then redirects it to the Lord Maitreya, who is the “Receiving Agent” of this energy. This energy is then disseminated to the seven Chohans and their Ashrams for a seven-fold expression and direction into the world.

 All the disciples and initiates on Earth are invited to come to the Wesak Valley, attend this sacred ceremony and join in the festivities.  This is also a time to come and stand before Lord Maitreya, Lord Buddha, and Sanat Kamura to give your vows of service, and receive special blessings.

 It is important to note that this is also an actual physical event.  At the hour of the full moon a stillness settles down upon the crowd, and all look toward the Northeast.  Certain ritualistic movements take place under the guidance of the different Masters and their Ashrams.

The expectancy and excitement begins to build as all wait on the inner and outer plane for Buddha’s arrival.  A few moments before the exact time of the full moon, in the far distance, a tiny speck can be seen in the sky.  This tiny speck gradually grows larger and the form of the Buddha seated in a cross-legged position appears. He is clad in a saffron colored robe, and bathed in Light and color, with his hands extended in blessing.

While hovering above the bowl of water, crystal and rock, a great mantra is sounded that is only used once a year at Wesak.  This mantra is sounded by the Lord Maitreya.  The entire group of people in the valley do full invocations.  This invocation sets up an enormous vibration of spiritual current.  It marks the supreme moment of spiritual effort of the entire year, and releases a massive down pouring of cosmic energies from the Cosmic Hierarchy.

Buddha then slowly recedes into the distance from whence he came.  The entire ceremony takes only eight minutes.  However, its effects last an entire year.  This is Buddha’s annual sacrifice for humanity.  This is changing in recent times because the Buddha has now taken a much more active involvement in Earth’s evolution, after spending a great deal of time in the Great White Brotherhood Lodge on Sirius.

The Wesak Festival has been regarded by the inner-plane ascended masters to be of paramount importance in world affairs.  Through the two representatives of deity on our planet, the worlds of spiritual realities and human affairs are being brought closer and closer together.

At Wesak a channel is opened for humanity that allows disciples and initiates to contact certain energies not normally available or as easily accessible.  This allows great expansions of consciousness to take place.

Djwhal Khul has also stated that, “It is the intention of the Buddha and the Christ that in each country there shall eventually be someone who will act as their representative at the time of the festival, so that the distribution of spiritual energy from the first aspect or ray will be directed from the Buddha to the Christ and then from the Christ to those initiates in every country who can be overshadowed, and so act as channels for the direct current of energy.”

The Wesak has the following purposes:

  • The releasing of certain transmission of energy to humanity that will stimulate the spirit of love, brotherhood, and goodwill.
  • The fusion of all men and women of goodwill into a responsive, integrated whole.
  • The invocation and response from certain cosmic beings if prior goals are achieved.

Festival of Humanity

The Festival of Humanity also called the Festival of Goodwill is one month after the Wesak Festival (June 26th) in which all initiates have been infused with the next phase of their development.  This occurs for all initiates of all levels on the Innerplane and on planetary worlds.  Of course, we are concerned with the Earth energies and how this new integration is going to affect our journeys as teachers, healers, writers, theologians, visionaries, counselors, etc, etc.

This festival truly affects humanity in a way quite different than the first two celebrations.  We are now ready to “walk our talk” and move out into humanity with the tools we have learned in our personal growth.  The force prevalent at this festival is the force of reconstruction.  This is the force of the first ray (Red) associated with the Crown Chakra or Will Aspect of Divinity that is directly connected with Shamballa.  This force is mainly effective between nations of the Earth.  The three forces of restoration, enlightenment, and reconstruction express the Light, Love and Knowledge of God.

(This information is excerpted from Dr. David Joshua Stone and Alice Bailey material.)

 With this integration of the Festival of Goodwill there will be a reconstruction in the following areas:

  • The Power of Will is given to disciples and initiates so that they can direct efficiently and wisely the process of rebuilding.
  • The Will to Love will stimulate men of good will everywhere, gradually overcoming hatred.
  • The Will to Action will lead intelligent people through out the world to inaugurate those activities that will lay the foundation for a new and better world.
  • The Will to Cooperate will steadily increase.
  • The Will to Know and To Think Correctly and Creatively will become an outstanding characteristic of the masses. 
  • The Will to Persist will become a human characteristic, a sublimination of the basic instinct of self-preservation and self-centeredness.
  • The Will to Organize will further a building process will be carried forward under the direction inspiration of the Spiritual Hierarchy. 
We will be celebrating the Festival of Humanity during our "New Earth Consciousness~Circle of Light" group 
Wednesday, June 15th, 8 PM EDT, 
218.862.7200, 576094# or via Skype "catdmeler".

Happy Spring and Festival Energies in 2011.





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