I am so pleased with the meditations, and are always looking forward for the new ones. Yesterday I listened to the one from January 16. with Kuthumi, and it was very powerful. Afterward I listened to the on from January 22, Cosmic Oneness, and that was even more powerful. So last night I had a beautiful dream about The Royal family. And that could mean big steps are made inside :)
Thank you again for your and Micheal's wonderful work.
-Love and blessings from Berit
New Earth Consciousness ~ Circle of Light

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Creation onto the 5th Dimensional Frequencies

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New Earth Circle of Light

The Team of Light Walk With the Light Workers into the 5th Dimension

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In Expressions of Oneness,


Welcome ~ This was our first meeting with Lord Adama & the Team of Light as they extended their hands onto each of us, the Light Workers, of Planet Earth.  It is an exciting and promising time for each of us aspiring to assist so many others on this planet.  As we help ourselves, we help others, and assist Gaia in her transition.

I am, Meleriessee and it is my pleasure to share this connection with you.  I  spoke with my background of meeting Lord Adama in Mt. Shasta and shared her story of working with the Telosians for the last decade which brought us to this moment in time.


This group is enormous and we are being prepared for great challenges.  We will have a specific teacher each week speak about the dynamics of their teachings to assist us.  This is to become aligned with their energies in the physical.  We will be given tools to also helps us through this process.  Energetics will be a main component and this is an extension of the Clarion Light Beings, and Cosmic Oneness.  It is about putting the work into practice.

Lord Adama will oversee the Team of Light and will always give a summation of the energies.  He will speak first and last.

Pyramid Structure of the Overlighting Energies

Creative Source of Oneness

Cosmic Great Central Sun – Mother/Father God

Archangels & Lord Metatron

Elohim Councils

24 Elders that Surround the Throne of Grace

The Mahatma

Lord of Great Bear Star Systems

Lord of Sirius – Great White Lodge – Dr. Lorphan

Lord Melchizedek

Inter Galactic Command ~ Lord of Arcturus & Arcturians

Helios &Vesta

Sanat Kumara ~ Lord Buddha – The Karmic Board, Great Divine Director

Lord Adama - Mikos

Team of Light

All Ray Chohans ~AllahGobi

El Morya

Lord Maitreya

Master Kuthumi, Dhjwhal Khul

Paul the Venetian

Serapis Bey

Master Hilarion

Lord Sananda

St. Germain

Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Moses, Master Babaji, Master Thoth/Hermes

Lady Masters:  Quan Yin, Blessed Mother, Lady Nada, Lady Portia, Isis, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Pallas Athena, Lady of Liberty, Lady Of The Sun, Lady Of The Light, Lady Of The Night

All Telosians and Inner Earth Inhabitants

Ashtar Command and All Star Nations of the Light

Light Workers – Highly Attuned

Light Workers- Working on their Divinity

Unaware Lightworkers

Unawakened Beings

The Good News

Since the Festival of the Christ there have been enormous changes within individuals and upon the planet.  Many will be celebrating the Easter holiday and not reflecting upon their own resurrection that has taken place. We, as the Lightworkers, it is our job to fully hold these energies strong within ourselves during the coming changes.  We are the Way-showers and we are being shown the way.

As I was formulating the energies for this group today, I realized the enormity of what I am been guided to put together.  The Team of Light has been working with me for 10 years since I first met Adama inMt.Shasta for but a brief moment of connection and he touched my throat with his forefingers.  On that day I did not know what happened to me except a huge gift from an amazing master that lived inside the mountain.  I have been changed since that time.

Today I realized that he actually attuned me with the vibratory communication of the 13thRay and Chakra.  I now know that at that time I was fully integrating my 4th dimensional chakras.  It would take me several years of returning toMt.Shasta first for Wesak with a small group of friends and then yearly every summer for the past 6 years.  Those trips were magical, amazing, and totally changed my life.  My traveling buddy, Judy, was always with me except for two trips when I was asked to travel alone.  The Team of Light always overlighted our journey, assisted us on where we needed to be so we would receive the right lessons in the right moment.  I won’t share with you what happened as I know that is another book but just think of two women running from rock to rock looking for portals to Telos when we were already there in our higher bodies….It is funny now but was not so, then especially when we were not at the doorway of the caves knocking to get into the entrance of the most magical pathway one can ever take.

I was asked on one of our trips to take on the role of Ambassador for the New Earth – to be a liason between the Hierarchy and the Humans.  I was unsure for many years how to go about putting this together, but today is the first meeting.  It is an honor to be chosen for this awakening for each of us.

I do not remember much until it is time so I will be regressing myself through this process.  There will be information I will gather for the beginning stages of the group as I have been guided to do so through my Soul’s Essence.  Each of you also have a role to play within this grand scheme of the New Earth.

We will be overlighted by the Team of Light for the new Earth and we are going to walk with each of them.  There will be a separate Master/Teacher each week that will give a short dispensation on how we can balance ourselves and connect to their energies in order to make this journey more of a reality.

Adama will overlight the Team of Light and also give a short message from the group on the changes, challenges, and how we can best assist each other.


There will be 21 Golden Cities across the globe.  They are:

1)      CentralAlaska

2)     British Columbia

3)     Edmonton,Alberta

4)      CentralOntario

5)     Missoula,Montana

6)     Boulder,Colorado

7)     Tucson,Arizona

8)      Decatur/Springfield,Illinois

9)     Atlanta,Georgia

10)  Columbia

11)  Machu Picchu

12)   CentralFrance

13)  Spain

14)  Africa

15)  Romania

16)  Sweden

17)   Nepal/Tibet

18)  Kashmir

19)  New Zealand

20)  Taiwan

21)  Saudi Arabia

Each of these cities will be overlighted by an Ascended Master and will have a council of five people consisting of a seer, visionary, prophet or prophetess; a psychic; an environmentalist; a business professional; and an engineer.  Each council will meet with the other councils in theUSAand internationally.  Each of these communities will center upon these elements of living:  Calmness, Cooperative Action, Communication, Collaboration, Community, Consensus and Compassion.

Websites: http://auearth.com, http://iamamerica.com

These cities are being built as we speak and have been in construction mode for several years in the Etheric Level.  Some of you may have read about them or had dreams.  Acknowledge those dreams as they are very true and tap into that knowledge. They are going to be like capitol cities in the areas.  There will be other places to live in the outlining areas but the cities will hold the Councils of Light and will be the overseeing agent for the New Earth Community.

Many are concerned in how we are going to get to the New Earth, “Terra Christa” and that will also be explained by many of the masters.  Right now they want us to concentrate in vibrating our energies so we can be prepared to do the journey together.  Some may go ahead of others; and everyone will be meeting their soul groups.  More explanation will be coming about the soul group formation as I have a feeling it is not the same as we all think.

It is imperative that we prepare ourselves and Gaia for this transition as the more work we do, the more land masses and water we can take with us.  The maps that are shown in the website I mentioned http://auearth.com were made in 2005 – which means that we could still change land masses to be strengthened more.  It is up to do so.  There are many groups around the world that are doing the energetic work as we do in the Clarion Light Beings, but I do suggest the Earth Grid Ceremonies like what I taught last week.  Commanding these energies into the earth is really going to assist.

So during this process it is important that each of us be attuned with those 22 chakras that will integrate the 5th dimensional body.  This can be done through the vibrational work, chanting, decrees, and meditations.  I will be providing a decree each week pertaining to the Master that will be speaking.

Watch tall-tale signs of weather patterns in your area:  Utilize this time to create the calmness.  Lets be more cognizant of watching the weather or the news only enough to prepare us…take what you need and leave the rest.  We will be challenged to see if we can take on the information, intuitively work with it, and then do what we need to do without allowing the media to get into our mental levels.  It is important at this time to be fully balanced in all areas.  Any signs of imbalance are going to cause the problems to escalate.

There will be a decree written for each class representing the energies of the Guest Teacher.  They will assist in raising your vibration and please do share with others.  Christine will provide some background information on each of the teachers but most of the call will be geared to connecting with Lord Adama and the Team of Light.

Connecting to the Team of Light

I Am a LightWorker Upon the Planet of Earth

I have been guided to open up my energies and gifts to share with each other

As I sit with my breath

I feel the essence of my being come fully within me

It flows into my Crown circling through my entire chakra column

As it comes into each chakra, it goes into my physical body

Intertwining within every part of my cells, atoms, and molecular structure

It changes every part of me

I breathe deeper as it moves through my Third Eye, Throat, and Heart

My heart is now expanding in all directions

My Solar Plexus feels the power and strength deeply

As it now flows down into my Sacral and Root Chakras

Breathing deeper I know feel my Higher Self

He/she has fully come into my Thymus, the Seat of my Soul

The presence of my essence is so very strong

I stand amongst my fellow Lightworkers and all Light Beings of the Spiritual Hierarchy

I Feel one with each of them

The remembrance of my soul’s wisdom is now deep within me

I feel my love, power, strength and joy within

I acknowledge my purpose in this moment

And allow that reflection to be Within Me as I share it with others.

I Am One with my Brothers and Sisters of the Light

I AM that I AM that I AM

To listen to the recording and download, please click the tab at the top of the page marked, "Audio".  I will also share some of the meditations that I put forth in the calls depending on the content.

We look forward to having you join us and add to the Circle of Light.  This is a connection for each of us and we all have something to share with one another.  Look for our group in Facebook, "ONENESS~New Earth Circle of Light".  Hope to see you there.

In Expressions of Oneness,


Lady Meleriessee is a Teacher of the full spectrum of the God Force up through the Cosmic Energies, and working with her in either private or in a group setting will truly assist one to fully access the higher realms necessary for our transition together into ONENESS. As Gaia, Mother Earth, transitions into the New Earth each of us are aspiring to acquiring our fifth dimensional vehicles. Utilizing the Spectrum of Light Ray Mastery will assist in commanding one's pathway of acceleration and balance of Mastership. She works in partnership with Mike Hayden.

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