8th Gateway Activation Attunement

February 11, 2007

Brought forth by Archangel Ophaniel, Ophanium Kingdom Of Light,

Elohim Masters & Angelic Community & the Great Central Sun

Through Rev. Christine Meleriessee



Dear Ones,

It is now time for the realization of your birth upon this planet as you have never received before. It is our since pleasure to bring forth great words of understanding to assist you in our journey together. We will be awaiting your arrival into the doorway of and shall not let you go astray. Please know these words to be true.

It is now approximately 12 hours before your birth. We have chosen this time as it truly is the opening of a doorway that you are all preparing for. Ready yourself for the ride of a lifetime because it truly will be quite wonderful. We awaken each of you to our energies in the light of the frequency of the now.

Preparation is the key if you have not already done so. It will make your transition easier just as a child prepares him or herself to come out of the womb, you are coming out of the womb of forgetfulness. Remembrance is yours to embark upon and we suggest the following things in order for preparation:

Clarity of Mind use your spiritual tools to cleanse your mind as much as possible and do not have any project of what is going to happen to you before, during or after. The angelic community just flies as their wings take you. I think you have a saying flying by the seat of your pants. Utilize this term in this moment.

Purity of Emotions Allow the emotions to flow out of you, do not hold onto any resentments, ignorance, or self pitying behavior it will not suit your purpose. Try to imagine being the Spark of Light in the beginning you had no judgments because you had no remembrance of what you previously experienced. Allow it to flow in you, through you and out of you.

Cleansing of the Physical Allow your body to experience this joy also. Stay away from all foods that constrict your physical organs, allow the experience to be freeing. Drink plenty of fluids, utilize your fruits, vegetables, and allow the body to feel integrated with the mind, emotions, and spirit as never before. Do not go crazy especially if you are not used to cleansing. Use your sense of knowingness to guide you in what to eat during these 24 hours. Each person is different and there is no right or wrong Just Be What You Need to Be!!!!

Integration of the Spiritual As you have never before allowed it to happen, allow your Higher Self, Your I Am Presence, the totality of your being be fully within the body. Practice it in the next 12 hours by your thoughts and processes. Breathe it in, walk within, and integrate all aspects of God within you. Allow no separation to occur.

If you have difficulty in bringing forth all these aspects, then do the following:

Stomp around and scream to us allow us to help you Call upon the Intergalactic Beings to infuse you with the Vacuum Cleaner effect to cleanse all your chakras, then call upon St. Germain to infuse you with the Violet flame, feel the change occurring. Then call upon the entire God force of Mother and Father God to infuse you with the Golden Flame within your heart and expand it above and below and around you integrating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Last but not least, then ask for Sparklets of Light coming from the 12 Rays of God to sprinkle all the highest aspects within you. Allow yourself to fully feel these aspects coming in it will be like streams of light in a very low intensity so you can experience full integration.

Then if you still feel uncomfortable, utilize your spiritual tools again: writing, breathing, chanting, toning, drumming whatever feels comfortable.

Repeat this whole process if necessary. This is your time NOW take the next step and ask, and we will be there to assist.

We now believe you are now ready to experience this attunement. We suggest that it is done after the Master Cylinder and all the Anchor Groups have been in place. It can be done in a 24 hour time frame and you will still feel the effects after the anchors have been placed.

Again, if you are unable to arise or to participate at the exact time of the Master Cylinder, please contact Meleriessee with your NAME, CITY, STATE, OR COUNTRY and she will mention your name during her anchor activation. You say, why? Well, we will infuse you with the Golden Door around your Light Body so you will be activated when it is time for you to physically do the walk. Meleriessee has gifted herself to be a way-shower for those who cannot attend at the exact time frame. We thank her for taking this step and being the Global Leader she is in this moment!!!

Blessings in Light and Love of Frequencies of Love on your journey,

We Are the Angels of the Entire God Hierarchy for your assistance.

I Am Ophaniel, one of the many!


As we being this meditation, we want to be focused within our Heart Center.

We call upon the Cherubim, Seraphim, Ophanium, and Elohim Angels to guide and assist us. We also ask for all our personal Ascended Master Teachers along with Melchizedek, Lord Metatron, and the Mahatma to overlight the energies along with the Heart of God and Will of God known as the Cosmic Great Central Sun.

[Start by breathing into each chakra spinning the Root (each spins wheels within wheels clockwise) then the 2nd chakra Sacral - counter clockwise, Solar Plexus - Clockwise, Heart counter-clockwise, Throat clockwise, Third Eye counter clockwise, and Crown clockwise. All the chakras are now spinning wheels within wheels. Keep doing the breath during the whole mediation. Visualize your Soul Star spinning clockwise, then moving down in front of each chakra. Let it go into the third eye chakra to clear out any debris, pause for a moment with a clockwise spinning effect, then moving to the throat with the same movement of inside, out and spinning, then the heart inside, out, spinning downwards to the solar plexus inside, out, spinning downwards to the sacral inside, out, spinning downwards to root inside, out and spinning down towards the Earth Star (they meet spinning together), then moving back up through the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, 3rd eye, crown, pausing, then moving back down again until they reach the heart. Allow them both to center themselves within your heart center.]

You are now ready to access the Lotus Heart.

We call upon the entire Angelic Community to Guide us through this meditation. As you are now aligned within the self, it is time to fully activate the Lotus Heart from your highest perspective. Allow us to begin.

Feel the essence of your Light Body being the Master of this journey. There is no past and there is no future. There is only the NOW. Expand within this awareness now. We call upon the Lady Masters to assist us with the Female Aspect of ourselves. Some of these masters are Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Isis, Lakshmi, Pallas Athena, Master Leto. We then call upon the Ascended Masters in the male aspect to assist us with balance within our hearts, namely, Enoch, St. Germain, Serapis Bey, Hilarion, Kuthumi, Paul the Venetian, Sanat Kumara, Vywamus, Babaji, Mahatma Gandhi, the Great Divine Director, and Djwhal Khul. We also ask all the 7 Ray Chohans to assist us along with the Elohim Masters, Archangels and all Beings of Light including the Christed Extraterrestrials.

As we sit in the presence of our Light Body, we feel a beam of golden and silvery light coming down upon us through the Light Body until it surfaces within the physical vehicle. It is not just a beam of light but it is a block of light as if a doorway is coming to us. You feel yourself standing up to receive this intense energy you are being gifted to receive. You take your hand and push your light into the ground below, then arise your hands above reaching into the star that you are. Look at it, see it expanding, it is coming closer and closer. Grab onto it and pull it down right into your physical being. Expand it now, fully through your entire system all the way down to your feet, your Earth Star and Gaia. Feel the pulsation within you allow it to fully focus within you. The doorway is not something of the future, it is NOW. It is you, it is the Universe. It is God; it is every living creature and being into this Moment of Time. Pause and just allow your body to fully feel the effect of this light. Steams of Golden Hues, coming down, around, and through you.

You now feel the doorway completely around you. Inside this compartment of Light is a button that says Ascend. You push this button. (You can choose to stay within this space and allow yourself to grow within or you can choose to the next chosen moment in time). If you decide to push the button, you feel the movement of going upward. (If you have chosen to say within this space, that is fine, just reflect the being you have become from accessing the doorway.)

As the doorway moves upward, you feel surges of energy run through you, thoughts are no longer racing, they are leaving you as you ascend to the next level. Feelings are changing; judgments are leaving, feelings of lack in all directions will no longer be part of your purpose. You will be accessing the Starry-Eyed Being you are. You feel a jolt as the doorway now opens. You walk into a world that is familiar but different.

You see your spiritual teachers, your physical teachers, friends, love ones, family that will align with who you are on this level. Notice what the environment looks like, the weather patterns. At this time please go on your own journey and create the life you have gifted to live. Take your time.

Now that you have given yourself the gift of the New World are will be given many gifts. If feels as if you are waking up from a dream, but in truth, you are sitting in a temple of the Lotus Heart. It is a space where one comes when they are ready to integrate all their past lives, present life, and future lives. It is a state of remembrance and acceptance.

The Temple is filled with flowers, essences of the flowers, expanding ones awareness, birds are singing, harps are playing, and you feel the Integrated Self of your Entire Being is acknowledged at this time. You are escorted by an enormous angel, one on each side of you. Arm in arm they bring you to the front of the altar. Many flowers are everywhere, you are stepping on them, and you feel your new body being acknowledged by beautiful clothing. Please acknowledge to yourself of who you are in this moment. Upon the altar is a beautiful adorned chair, just for you. There is your star name if you had not known it before, now is the time to see it, or hear it being whispered to you.

You sit in the chair and these words are being given to you please repeat them to yourself, out loud if possible.

I, (insert your name), accept the journey I have taken and now experience life in a different manner.

I Am a Being of Light, a Star Shining Upon Planet Earth.

I acknowledge all my gifts they will be coming to me on this new journey I Am On.

I feel the empowerment of my integrated Self.

I, (insert name), thank myself for walking this path of Light. I am a beacon upon the world. I acknowledge what I need to do, accept my responsibility, and promise to enjoy myself whether I am climbing the mountain or enjoying the scenery.

I teach others what I have learned in humility and love.

And always to love myself eternally.

Now take a deep breath and allow the words to expand within yourself. You are guided to arise from the chair and face the altar (so you turn around). As you do so there is a magnificent statue of Mother and Father God, it is platinum and gold and then becomes almost life-like. Everyone around you breathes in the Light of Illumination as the Heart of God and the Will of God acknowledges you in this moment. There are no judgments, only heart felt feelings of acceptance and light. No matter what occurred before is no longer an issue within you. You are now an expanded being a reflection of Light upon this World. Everyone is given a goblet of this beautiful platinum and golden light that has been given the gift of the essence of your remembrance.

The Great Central Sun expresses their selves:

It is a great journey you have been on. Let us all toast in Love and Acceptance at this momentous time we are all in. We are One. I believe Mother has something to say to you.

Dearest Ones, I Am The Heart of God,

As I stand before you, I Am Within You, as each of us here are within each other. Our hearts are one, beating to the movement of Complete Love and Acceptance. I gift to each of you, the Lotus Heart to be Opened within your own Heart. Feel the pulsation within you at this time. Now put your hands across your physical heart and feel the pulsation within you is the expansion now, use it wisely, and it will respond.

The Great Central Sun moves back into place and silence falls upon the Temple.


In this moment, allow your emotions to be full express yourself however you would like to be. It is time to show your true reflection not just within but around you to others.

You are guided by the Angels back down the Temple Steps. You see a reflection of yourself in a pool of water as you walk by, remember what you see, it is very important. Do you see your wings? They are expanding and moving ever so slightly. Take a deep breath and feel your empowerment moving within you.

In the next moment you feel yourself back to where you started this meditation but it is quite different. It is important to reflect on what you have experienced because everything will be different. The power is within you. Call upon the angelic guides that assisted you. They have come to you from the Elohim Kingdom. They will be working with you consistently in every moment.


It has been our pleasure to bring you this meditation to assist you physically in walking through the 8th Gateway of .



What to expect after the ?

We want to let you know that each individual can experience the changes differently. For those of you who have been working on letting go of past habits, thoughts, emotions for some time then this transition will be easier. It is important to realize that what you think, you will receive. So it is best, to have clarity of thought for the next 30 days. Do not let yourself fall back upon old habits because they have been erased from your consciousness. It will be like a bad memory. As long as you embrace the new you, the new you will embrace you. The physical vehicle will be the hardest to accept. Our belief is that the ones that have been striving for clarity will be the first ones on this new wave. Remember to help each other. No one is perfect, that is why it is so challenging to move through these new awarenesses.

Remember, you are not Alone so bring new friends into the Circle of Light expand your consciousness not just on a dimensional level but a physical level. This is where you will see the most intense work being done. Live by example. The greatest teachers are the ones who have experienced the lack, the loss, the frustrations and moved above them. The ones that breathe fire and brimstone are great talkers but thats all it is. Find your power, find it in others and then expand upon it within yourself. This is the major key to the expansion of the Lotus Heart.

We believe that you are all ready the ones that are participating at this time. But you must believe it also. We all come to you in Love, Our Hearts are your Hearts. Allow your experiences from this point forward reflect upon that.

I Am Ophaniel, along with all the Angelic Kingdom, the God Hierarchy and the Great Central Sun.

I, Christine Meleriessee Heliohah, want to thank those you have assisted me in my path of enlightenment. The emails I have received connected to the have totally warmed my heart, and I will do my best to bring forth the highest consciousness to the physical existence as I strive to be Open Centered. This doorway of the 8th Gate is truly a most wonderful gift for me. It is now my time to connect with all of you, in the Universe and the World. I want to thank Melchizedek my personal teacher for accepting me into his Kingdom of Light and a special thanks to my mentor and friend, Dr. Joshua David Stone, who now walks with the Masters in a way that we all strive to be. I thank the Heart and Will of God for trusting in me to do this work in the way that best serves all individuals. I would not be doing this without some very special beings and people, Judy and Jeanne especially, along with Master Babaji, St. Germain, Adama & the Telosians, and Djwhal Khul, all the Ascended Masters that still choose to walk with me along with No Eyes, Quan Yin, Mother Mary, John Lennon, and so many others. I love you all!!!

Blessings to everyone as we unite together in love.

Permission is granted to copy this material as long as credit is given

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Heliohah, http://www.lifestationearth.com


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