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Christmas Gathering Dec 14th 2011


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This is the special Christmas gathering. It is Dec 14th, 2011, we will bring in Lord Sananda/Jeshua, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary.

Greetings, this is Lord Adama speaking. It is my Divine pleasure to be here this evening. We have decided not to bring you into Telos this evening but instead, we're going to give you a little bit of an extra treat. Within that extra treat we want each of you to visualize that you are sitting here with Christine and Michael. We're going to give you a visualization of what their little space looks like and this is where they do all the work with the downloads that they have been doing since Michael has arrived. That has created great changes for both of them.

Christine has beautiful white candles lit around, there's not much table space - so there's a limitation of that, but we  have beautiful flowers in the middle, purple daisies and inside that vase is a double-pointed quartz crystal. This is their activator that they've just put together last evening with the Poinsettia (plant) and the room is just candle-lit, with a beautiful essence. In each corner there are Ascension Columns and we're going to ask that those Ascension columns to be re-activated right now. As these Ascension columns are going to represent the Frequencies of this evening.

Tonight, where the flowers are sitting and the beautiful pillar candle, is the Golden White Ascension energy/flame, right in the middle. There's even sprigs of greenery around that they've picked up off the mountain a couple of weeks ago. A little Charlie Brown christmas tree in the corner here with the sprigs in a bottle of water.

So, we have all the Essences that we chose to be. But, why are we doing this tonight? We want you to feel the Frequency that is in this room, because this Frequency is much higher then a Fifth Dimensional Level. We want each of you to feel as if you are in this living room with them, because each of you are a part of each of us in a more specialized sense then you will ever understand.

So I want each of you to take a deep breath and we're going to allow these Frequencies to come to you now.

{{{{Crystal Bowl is struck and resonates for some time}}}}

Thank you, I have a short message for each of you. In this short message I want to say 'Thank you'. Thank you for your work here. Thank you for the energies you are bringing forth. Thank you for being on the calls, but the calls are really for your benefit and you are sharing with others with your own Frequencies. This Wednesday night call has been a great blessing, not just for each of you and for Dearest One here, but also for each of us in Telos. It has given us the ability to connect with each of you more physically then we ever thought possible. In the meantime, it has assisted each of you to understand about the Rays of God and the Cities that are incorporated within these Rays of God. There is a nucleus of Frequency that is happening with everyone and this gathering is truly a very powerful one, - we are greatly honored that each of you are sharing your time, sharing your Essences and sharing your heart to be with each of us.

It is a very powerful time that we are coming towards. It has been a powerful time this year - how can it not be?  Each of you have intended and aspired to Higher Levels of growth within your Being. Within these Higher Levels of growth, you're allowing yourself to fully be in the incorporation of your Essence and your Beauty and the Light and the Love that you're fully incorporating.

I believe tonight will be a very special occasion for each of you and within this special occasion you're going to be receiving a Frequency that is a part of your remembrance, a part of your Essences and to allow each of these beautiful Beings to share unto you the deep love that they feel in each moment. So I want to say thank you and deep blessings to you, from my heart and the Telosian community for each of you, opening up your hearts unto us. We truly do look forward to the time when we all will be sharing together and sitting around, in such a room as Christine and Michael are doing now. Love and Blessings and a beautiful experience during this session. Namaste.

Let ourselves feel the Frequencies that we're incorporating here, our Energies of Light are very high being here in Mt. Shasta and incorporating it in this little space that we work in. Open up your hearts and allow yourself to feel these Levels of Frequency through my voice and through the Essence that will travel unto you in your physical body - you truly will feel it on a physical level. Just allow yourself to experience it.


Greetings my Dearest Beings of The Light. Thank you in these moments for allowing yourself to be the recipient of this beautiful Frequency. I am Mother Mary. 

I am here to honor each of you in the blessings that you are and the blessings that you create and the blessings that we all are together. It truly has been a momentous year and within this momentous year, there have been great changes, challenges and miraculous moments of creation, within each of you individually and within the whole world.

We are still in a state of flux which is not allowing us to really feel the full capacity of what is centered upon our Essences. So tonight, my part in this celebration is to share with you the Light that I see within each of you. As the Light comes through, allow these moments of creation to be Our moments of reflection unto each other.

We are coming unto a time when the reflection of Ourself is the most important Essence that we can embody in these challenges that we are all experiencing. Within these moments of challenge, we cannot help but reflect upon what it is we need to be doing for ourselves. Many are still concerned about what is happening in the world and how they can be best served to assist the many. This is a very important aspect for everyone, but it's also very important to remember yourself in all Essences, to fully bring forth the Frequencies of the Light that is you.

In these moments of reflection, I ask of you to just take a deep breath and within that deep breath, to fully bring in the deepness of your Soul, the deepness of your Essence - not embodied in ANY life-time. As we ask now all timelines to be merged into one. Allow us to fully remember the true Clarity and the Beauty that we are, because this is the gift that we can give unto each other. I share to you this evening, from the Divine Mother, to help each of you bring forth this remembrance fully within your Being. The Feminine Divine is so fully activated at this time, that One cannot help but fully achieve the Frequencies of Light that are necessary. As these Frequencies of Light come forward into your Essence, it is time for the sparks to be ignited - it is time for you to shine in a way that you never have before. It is time for you to fully accept your Divinity unto yourself.

As you do this, you start to understand the processes that you have been going through in this past year. I know that Dearest Lord Sananda has given you somewhat of an exercise with this, but let us take a moment of reflection of where you are, in this moment, with the breath.

Feel deeply, within your Heart, the changes that have occurred for you and as you feel these changes, you feel the Essence of your Heart. Feel the Lotus Heart. Feel those Frequencies that have assisted you to arrive in this state of Beingness. Some may still be struggling within this state of Beingness. So let us just take a deep breath and allow the Pink Ray along with the Blue Ray, the White Ray, and the Lavender Ray - to fully incorporate within your Heart at this time, with each breath that you take. Allow them to blend within you. As they blend within you, start to feel the circumference of your Lotus Heart expanding - the deepness of your Heart is opening up into more petals and petals. The beautiful flowering energy is opening up into the Essences that you are. Now take a deep breath and connect fully with your Higher Self.

As you connect fully with your Higher Self, you start to see and feel the inflections of the Peace within you. This Peace does not come from your Physical body. It does not come from your Emotional or Mental body, it fully comes from the inflection of All that You Are - from the embryo of the Light, from the beginingness of your birth. I reflect unto you the Essence from the Divine Mother as She birthed you. When She birthed you, she held you in Her arms - this is the reflection that you desire to bring forth within yourself in these moments. There is nothing more important for you then to accept your full capability and, within this embryo is All that You Are. So breathe deeply, further, into that - as the embryo now opens up into your Physical Essence that You Are.

You feel the newborn awakening unto what is truly there. This is a birthing process we are putting you through and within this birthing process, you shall allow yourself to completely incorporate within yourself, all Divine Essences - to be so fully complete that you would never question what it is that you are going through in these moments. There is nothing more important in this moment then to fully accept who you are. Allow that to flow into your Cellular Memory  - allow it to flow into your Physical existence and then it will flow into all the other areas that need assistance.

It is now our time to fully embrace these energies but we must embrace them within ourselves first. I cannot stress that enough unto you in this moment, each of you have walked through many doorways, through the many months of transitions and the changes and Planetary activations. Allow yourself to realize that it is not for naught that these processes that you went through, have brought you to the arrival of yourself in this moment.

I embrace you with my arms. I embrace you with my Essence as we share unto each other the ability to fully complete the cycle of this year. This is what you must remember as you go towards the end of the month.

As always in this call, in this gathering that we have always done - we try to reflect on your own birthing process. Everyone is the Christ Within and this year, it's even more powerful then it ever has been before because, within this birthing process, there is an acceptance of stability that is occurring for each of you because the birthing process is deeper then it ever has been before. Within this deepness, it allows each of you to fully reflect in the totality of your Essence, not mere Particles, not mere partial Essences, that come to you in different parts of your meditations throughout the year - but in the full focus of the Essence that You Are. Allow that to expand within your Physical body because when you allow it to expand more fully, that is when you will fully bring forth the totality of your Beingness within the Physical. If the Physical Self is fighting you -talk to her or him. Be patient, be nurturing unto the Physical Essence, because the Physical Essence has never felt these Frequencies before - has never had to step aside while a Higher Being of Light fully incorporates within that vehicle. It is a new time, a new way of Being and none of you have never experienced this before in any lifetime. No one has.  So, we are here to assist you through the process as much as possible, but please do remember, we're not quite sure either, because it is brand new for each of us. All we can do is just stand by and put our arms around you and nurture you with the love and the acceptance that you deserve. Within that love and acceptance you shall truly aspire unto the Divinity of Your Light. It is my Divine pleasure to be here with Mary Magdalene and Jeshua, so that we can bring forth the Trinity of this Light unto you in these moments.

I thank you; Dearest Melereissee, for opening up the energies on to this Frequency in these moments. Each of you are loved very deeply. As I send you this love through waves of Light, waves of Nurturing, waves of Compassion. I am Mother Mary, at your service.


Greetings. I am Mary Magdalene.

I am here as the Spokesbeing/person/frequency for the Feminine Divine. I am also speaking for Isis, who is representative of these Frequencies. I am also speaking for the Divine Mother.  As all these Elements that each of you have been incorporating through the last few months are fully embodying these Elements within you. Some may be embodying them differently then others. Some may be unaware of what to do with the embodiment or the Frequency of Light that is fully coming within. I say to each of you in this moment, let us just sit and open up our arms and our palms and allow the receiving Light to come fully within your Essence.

As each of you are walking into this new frame of conditioning, and it can be quite challenging in many different ways, it is the blessing of this season to fully allow these Essences to be fully involved within the full totality of your physical existence. Understanding these processes is not as necessary as fully allowing them to be embraced within you. When you out the Mental Mind in between the Frequency, then it gets distorted. So let us not even speak of what this means in this moment - let us just receive the Feminine Divine within. Some may say that it is very challenging - yes it can be. But each of you are ready to fully incorporate this Essence of Light within you to fully activate all that is occurring. When it is occurring, there can be fluctuations within you - old elements will arise that may want to stop the other Essences from fully incorporating. Remember, you have been holding on to these Elements for Frequencies of time and have not fully allowed yourself to be embodied with the Balance of the Feminine aspect within.

The women are going to have the most challenging time because their roles are going to shift back to the time of the Ages. They will find that they are not quite sure what the balance is between bringing in the Feminine Divine and asserting themselves, which might be considered a masculine trait. The beauty of this is allowing it to be in balance - that one is not stronger then the other, but allow yourself to fully understand your processes. The time of your struggles are removed. You no longer need to struggle. You no longer need to fight the Frequencies within you - they are coming to you because it is now time to accept this Divinity of Light.

I will say to you also - those of you that are the men, it is now time to find your empowerment, with ease and grace and beauty and compassion and love - not aggression, not forcefulness. And the same goes for the women. We have been in the ages where these elements have been stronger on the masculine side, and this is where it has caused the confliction of not allowing One to fully be in balance in these Frequencies. So I bless each of you, in this moment, with the ability for you to totally allow the Frequency of the Feminine Divine to be in balance within you.

I feel those Mental thoughts coming up and I say to you now, Stop them. Erase them. Surrender. Surrender. Surrender. Surrender unto these Frequencies of the Feminine Divine that is coming through me, that is coming through Isis, that is coming through the Divine Mother. Let us share this unto you. Your body will know what to do with it. You do not even have to be concerned, just allow yourself to be embraced with the energy that is coming unto you in this moment. I breathe unto you with my breath. I ask of you to fully accept all that you have not allowed to be, in previous states. Your body needs to be relaxed and within this relaxation, you start to feel the Essence of the Feminine Divine coming into balance within you. It is not over-taking the Masculine Divine but coming into balance. Allow that balance to happen for you - the cause of it may be different for each of you and that is the way it is supposed to be, because you are individual souls, accelerating yourself in quite a different manner then we ever thought possible. The processes that have been happening with the activations upon this Earth have allowed this to come fully into Body at this time. It is our Divine Pleasure to fully bring within you the ability to access all that has been lost.

So take a deep breath and, as the waves of the Frequency of the Feminine Divine come onto you, allow them to come into Frequencies of colors ~Of Light colors. Of Lavenders, Blues, Yellows, Greens and Crystalline colors and sparkles of Light and then no colours and a multitude of colors. With the breath, allow it to unfold within you. Do not think about which side it needs to be on. Your body will know exactly because you're surrendering the Physical unto the Spiritual - you're allowing your Higher Self to be your guide in this process. This is the most important aspect to remember - in order to receive, you must surrender. It's not surrendering the Mind, it's not surrendering the Emotions, it is surrendering your Essence unto your Essence. Allow this to be fully within you.

As we fully know that it is time for each of you to fully activate the Essences within you, to fluctuate into the Higher Realms. As you fluctuate into the Higher Realms, your Body will cease to be the defining factor. Your Light Body will be more activated and will work within the other areas within the reflection that you are. As you do this, you will start to see the circumference of the changes within you. ~ surrendering unto the Essence that has been trying to come within you for eons of time, but just allowing it to fully be within yourself. Feel it deeply within your Heart. Feel the Essence that you are.  Allow whatever Elements come up afterwards, to be removed - you may need to share with another. You may need to cry. You may need to embrace yourself but know, in this moment, each of you are being rebirthed in a different way then you ever have before, as it is your time to fully accept the Divinity that you are. This is truly what the Feminine Divine is about.

Feel the acceptance of your own Essence, coming fully within your body and allow it to filter through your feet.  And through your limbs and through your muscles - into your cellular structure. Allow the old cellular movements to be taken out, that no longer serve your purpose - because each of you are walking onto a new pathway in 2012. It is a great activation that is occurring and now is our time to assist you more deeply then you ever have before.

Know that the urgings within your Chakras will arise but not until you are ready to fully allow them to do so. The clearing must take place and this Frequency in this moment is going to help assist in that clearing process. It is my Divine Pleasure, as Mary Magdalene, to share unto you these elements of the Feminine Divine, possibly in a different way then you have experienced previously. All is in Balance. It is my blessing and my desire to see each of you arise unto yourselves and see the Frequency that We all see within you.

I now ask of you each that you fully intuit these Frequencies that I have brought unto you, to bring forth the Elements.

{{{{Crystal bowl is struck and resonates for some time}}}}

I am Mary Magdalene at your service. Blessings for an amazing holiday season but, even more so, a fabulous 2012 as you incorporate these Elements within your Body, your Mind and your Spirit, to activate your Light Body more fully. Namaste.


I thank you for this amazing opportunity to fully come into each of you in this moment. I am Dearest Jeshua

I would like everyone to just take a deep breath and within this deep breath, I want you to fully activate your Heart Centre. As Dearest Divine Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene have shared with you the Essences of the completeness of their Beingness, I bring forth unto you, in these moments, the acceptance of the Christ within, nut also to extend my hands unto each of you in great gratitude. In great gratitude of the reflection that you are, the reflection that you're bringing forth and the reflection that is truly a deepness within my heart. I share to you, as Jeshua, for this holiday season, most of my interactions with Lady Melereissee are through Lord Sananda, but in this moment I want each of you to feel  the reflection of your Heart Center, as it truly is a reflection of who I Am at this time.

Each of you are walking this pathway of the Christ Consciousness within yourself to assist the Earth. It is with great honor and pleasure that I bring onto you, these Elements onto yourself, to help you to understand in all aspects of your Divinity, that there is no separation between me as Jeshua, me as Lord Sananda, Christine as Christine or Lady Melereissee. As each of you are changing greatly and deeply within these Elements, it is our acceptance of fully bringing forth these beautiful Frequencies unto each other. It is the time for each of us to understand the processes - and how do we understand the processes of the Light, if we don't understand the Frequency? And that is when we say to you, please stop the Mind. Please stop the Frequency. Please stop the Elements within you that are trying to make the changes within your life. You will see that there are great Elements in all aspects and when these Elements of aspects, there will be fluctuations within your mind that do not reflect the Heart. It is at this time I say unto you, let us just continue within the Heart. You have been given great assistance, through these two Blessed Ladies that are so Dear to my Essence - and I know that they are Dear to your Essences. Let us now reflect within these Essences of the LOVE that I have for you deeply, as the love you have for me deeply - there is no separation between us. It is just now you are walking this pathway upon this Earth and it is your time to be fully remembered. Within this remembrance, it can have its' challenges, but in these moments there are no challenges, there are only the moments of your reflection of the deepest love that you ever felt fully within your body - the deepest love of the Essence that you are. This is the beauty of what each of you are experiencing - you come and you attend these calls. You listen to these recordings. What is it that reflects within you? It is not Christine’s voice. It is not Melereissee teachings - it is truly the Essence of your own Being being activated onto yourself. She is just the conduit to bring that forth and to bring those Essences unto each of you.

So we ask of each of you to fully reflect, within yourself, in this moment within your Heart - what is it that you desire most fully within yourself? To bring in those remembrances that will assist you in your present lifestyle, that will assist you in the acceptance that you are because there is nothing else that matters at this time.

I, as Lord Sananda, shared with you, a few days ago, the Elements of these past months. I now say to you, let's bring that Frequency - from January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, and November - into the Essence that you are right now, because this is the most important aspect. This is the beauty that you are because of what you have gone through, because of the doorways that you have walked through, because of the tears that you have shed, because of the emotions that you have felt, because of the mental thoughts that came forward unto you. This is what has molded you into who you are now, because you walked through these doorways, you allowed yourself to say "No I do not need this but yes I do need that". Some of you have totally changed your lives. You've jumped off cliffs, you allowed yourself to fly when you were not sure if your wings were ready to flap. But in truth, all of you were ready to do this. Each of you have brought these elements within you. Some of you have watched others as they have done the pathway of the difficult work and now it is time for some of them to just embrace what they are being given. I say unto you, each of you support each other in many different ways.

So I say unto you, as we bring forth these Frequencies, through the Divine Lady Meleriessee - allow yourself to know that you are allowing your own Essence to be fully within you. She has allowed herself to open up her Frequencies to assist many, on many different levels and that has been her job and she has done it well. Now there are other Elements that are occurring for her as Michael comes forward to bring in the Frequency of the Masculine, so she can fully bring in, unto you, the Essence and the Fluidness that she is feeling so deeply, because now she is relaxing. She has surrendered unto this and this is a beautiful occasion for her and for him.

So how about each of you? I want you to reflect within your Heart right now, how you are assisting yourself, in your own Divinity, to accept yourself in a new way of Being?  Because this is truly what 2012 means.  It is a new paradigm, it is a new way of feeling . It is a new way of walking. ~ 2011 has been a challenging year but a very beautiful year. The Frequencies of Light coming down upon the Planet are centering upon Gaia so deeply and each of you are so much a part of that Essence. It is now our time to fully be together, in more ways than one.

Many of you have been looking for this time - you're looking for the signs of the Christ to return. I say unto you, You Are The Christ. I impart unto you the Christ that I Am to the Christ that You Are to the Christ that you will impart to others, to the lads and to the people. This is truly what is needed deeply in all Essences. I say to you - those of you that celebrate Christmas Day, think about these Elements unto yourself. Christmas Eve take a deep breath and feel your Essences, how they have changed so deeply through this year and that you are being reborn unto yourself. I have said this every year through this great gathering but this year, it is so much more important because of what has been activated, what has been acquired. Fully allow that Essence to be all of our Essences. You are not alone on this walk, each of us walk with you. I especially am deeply grateful for each of you awakening unto these Elements within yourself - to say "It is now my time, it is my time to remember all the parts of myself I have forgotten". So in these moments of Light and Love, I share with you the deepness within my Heart, to the deepness unto your heart.

So, my Dearest Ones, I stand before you, representing the Christ Consciousness - but each of you represent the Christ Consciousness unto each of us. Take this time, on the remembrance of my birth on to this Earth, to remember your birth and what each of you are aspiring in each of these moments. I wish I was standing in front of you right now to expand my Frequency unto you, through her eyes to your eyes and, I hope one day, I get to do this with each of you, because there is no better way then to look at another and to see the reflection within yourself.

I say one last word. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You truly are aspirations for others to be shown and I know you will do yourself well by internalizing all these aspects within yourself, because each of you have the power, each of you have the Frequency, each of you have the acceptance within yourself to fully acquire unto others. I walk with you as Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, we now come into full balance of the Trinity of the Frequencies of the Energies. We say unto you in this moment, in the blessing that We Are, you may be honored in this moment to receive our Light, but we are much more honored then you to receive yours in return. We love you deeply. We honor you greatly, because you honor yourselves more fully as you share with others in the Frequency of All that We Are.

Many blessings for a special holiday season.  Many blessings for the birthing of your Souls Essence unto your Physical Body and many, many blessings for the Frequency of the New Year. Take time on Dec 31st, to fully reflect on all that you have gone through and when you walk into that New Year, do not look back. Know that you have been reborn.  In deepest gratitude and Love and expression of Oneness. Dearest Jeshua, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, all in the Frequency of Oneness.


Lady Meleriessee is a Teacher of the full spectrum of the God Force up through the Cosmic Energies, and working with her in either private or in a group setting will truly assist one to fully access the higher realms necessary for our transition together into ONENESS. As Gaia, Mother Earth, transitions into the New Earth each of us are aspiring to acquiring our fifth dimensional vehicles. Utilizing the Spectrum of Light Ray Mastery will assist in commanding one's pathway of acceleration and balance of Mastership. She works in partnership with Mike Hayden.

Lady Meleriessee

Vibratory Master of Ascension
Teacher ~ Coach ~ Advanced Vibratory Healing Practitioner
Cosmic Messenger of Love & Light

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